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Can't Claim Website? Help. Stikenly Free with Domain Name Host.

New member

Hey all. I'm new here around Pinterest. I have a business account to help sell my digital art. I'm having issues claiming my website...

I have a domain host that gives my website a dot com name. ( But I use Strikingly (Free version) for my site. Since I use the free version of Strikingly my options are limited. I cant add the code to the header/footer area.. and I dont believe I can upload that file to the directory.. the only option i have is the 3rd claim option which is the txt file to the host. I use host PorkBun. I can go into the C-panel and add the info they ask.. but when I click on Claim it says we'll email you in a hour. But I get no email? 

So Im veryyyy confused. Do I add my Host name ( or my Strikingly website address to claim?

Could someone help me out?


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Loves to help

Hi @bizzarbox, welcome to the PBC! I looked at Strikingly's support page, here are instructions for adding code in the header tags and here are instructions for uploading an html file. I hope this helps you.

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