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Business account suspended

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Hello Pinterest community,

My business account got suspended for unknown reasons, genuinely don't know what I've done wrong. My account was created for my shop MNLPSY But after submitting an ad campaign, I was logged out. Logged back in and all my pins/account was gone. I'd really appreciate if someone would help me out with this and let me know what is the reason for suspension and what steps if any I can do to get my account re-activated.

Best regards

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@MNLPSYshop Hi there I am sorry to hear about your account - I have added a video on Submitting A Ticket | Account Suspension where you can file a ticket and have Pinterest review it, make sure you keep your reference#. I have tagged a Community Manager our awesome Gabby .... she will need your reference# in order to help get you to the right group. I really hope this helps! Lisa😁

Please Visit My Pinterest Page & Follow Thanks, Lisa❤️
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