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Are Creators Even Valued Anymore?

Loves to help

Frankly after all the help, advice and feedback I (and many others) have given to improve the platform, this is the thanks we get. Since Friday, many of us have experienced a huge drop in impressions and overall engagement for the 2nd, 3rd maybe even 4th time this year. Facebook groups and Twitter is littered with the same issue I'm experiencing.

The worse part? Pinterest support gives mixed messaging; I'm being told there is no issue to be fixed. Friends of mine, with the SAME issue have been told there is indeed an issue, and Pinterest engineers are working on it. Which is it? Why can't messaging be consistent?

Why are we being treated like children, being told to follow guidelines when many of us have been on the platform for years, have followed best practices and know how to grow an account?

Honestly, I'm so tired of Pinterest support not believing what creators are saying when we KNOW there is an issue.

Creators are the closest to their account, we know when a drop in impressions, traffic, engagement etc is not normal.

I was flagged by mistake back in April, and it took OVER 2 months to get my account back, let alone see traffic return.

I'm just so disappointed by Pinterest this year. I was going to spend a significant amount of money on ads this November and December to capitalize on Christmas traffic, and yet support don't even care that I'm not going to spend that.

If Pinterest doesn't even care about receiving ad money, then they really don't care at all about their business, or their creators. 

Meanwhile, those who spam aren't taken down, those who steal content aren't taken down, those who are corrupting the platform for users aren't taken down. Rather small businesses like ours are destroyed and our livelihoods taken away overnight.

Is there any clarification @PinterestGabby @PinterestJanice  can give us on this new issue? I'm tired of fighting with support for just a simple answer.

- Charlotte

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Pinterest Alum
Pinterest Alum

Hi Charlotte. Appreciate your taking the time to share your feedback here on the PBC. We (Gabby and I) acknowledge your experience as a creator has been impacted negatively in recent months. I hear your request for accountability loud and clear and I want you to know we care deeply about your experience. The expectation of consistent, clear messaging is a valid and fair request.

@PinterestGabby is escalating your feedback to internal teams to make sure your voice is being heard. 

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Posts regularly

@PinterestGabby @PinterestJanice  Plenty of us have been posting here too but don't even get replies from Pinterest community managers such as you. 


There is no visibility

No accountability

A bit lost when you would reply to some and ignore the posts of some.

I personally have to mark here that plenty of pinners have been stealing my pins and yet they are not affected by the bug of the platform's spam filter.

Personally, I have posted a ticket three times because the first two times, i have not been duly replied and the agent just closed the ticket. Then I would get a canned  feedback about  FRESH PINS and seasonality as if now, it's my fault that i get low distribution.  We have been here for a while and we so best practices.

Hearing back they engineers are working on the bug and that you cannot specify a timeline is like saying keep at it but we won't really do much to fix your problem.

Just some visibility would be appreciated if Pinterest prefer straight brand selling now over any other piece of content. so that creators won't waste their time as well




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Just visiting

Having the exact same issue and I’ve emailed and posted in here with a response saying my site isn’t blocked but I know for a fact it is. 

Through Google Analytics which can tell you a lot more. 

I'm deeply saddened by this. 

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