Analytics not populating in Buisness Hub analytics overview

For some reason the data for the analytics on my account does not populate or display in the overview section. When I go check on the pins I have created it shows that they have views and saves but that information does not seem to be tracked correctly.

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We are also facing the same issue since morning, Its a bulk will come to normal soon. no worries

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Hey @ReinesandRogersJewelers & @miggondotcom 🙂 

Looking at your screen captures, this happens for my account occassionally. One of the following usually worked to resolve the issue for me:

1. Log out, log back in on both desktop and mobile.

2. Update Pinterest app on mobile.

FYI: Impressions and other metrics can take some time to show. Also, real-time metrics are estimates and subject to change.

Good luck!

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