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Analytics have been MIA for months - what's up with that?

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I'm a professional Pinterest manager, so I have access to nearly 20 different Pinterest accounts.  In almost ALL cases, the analytics have been offline for several months.  Honestly, I think it's deliberate to prevent us from seeing the enormous drop in reach on anything but promoted pins, but I'd certainly like to know:

A:  Why they were removed with no warning and no notification of an alternative product (very unprofessional)

B:  When we can expect to see them brought back online for all users.  

C:  When they do come back, will there just be a big empty hole for all these months or will we be able to see both current and previous numbers?  


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@adrianscrazylif That's so like Pinterest! I think they enjoy being unpredictable and dynamic. Maybe they think it's hot but they forget they're running a business that's supposed to be transparent and professional. Too bad!

Jennifer Dagi
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