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Almost 70% Drop in Impressions. What's happening?

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Hey there! I've been noticing my Pinterest engagement graph going down, and all my top performing pins got affected.

I pin consistently like I used to (without spamming), I also create Idea Pins for my audience occasionally.. It's been three years and I've never noticed  any such unexpected drop in my account, why is there a sudden drop in outbound clicks? From 1,000 clicks per day to JUST 30-40? This is really very frustrating. I've been patiently waiting for it get back to normal, but I'm starting to lose hopes now. 
I (and many other bloggers like me) have been trying to find a solution everywhere as I use Pinterest for my business, and no one from the support team is actually willing to help. I only get a same, repeated reply from the Trevor guy that its seasonal, create new pins etc. I'm sure many of us already know how Pinterest works, that's how we were getting massive traffic from Pinterest, and if we've stopped getting all that traffic, then there must be something wrong with Pinterest, I believe. It's extremely disappointing, cause two times out of nowhere my site has also been blocked and my account has been suspended "mistakenly". Is that what affected my account's impressions? who knows. 

I request you to PLEASE help me with this asap.

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Just visiting

Just chiming in to say we all wish someone would help us with this. I can say, I have been "mistakenly" caught in the spam filter 3 times. Every time it's taken 4-6 months to get any traffic again for new pins (old pins do fine). Pinterest won't admit to this problem nor will they do anything about it. We've all been complaining for over a year and nothing has been done.

Plus, Pinterest has a new business model and it is focused on keeping users on their site and NOT leaving to "get more info". This is the point of Idea Pins. If they keep users on the site, they can serve more ads.

Although Creators have complained excessively about this, Pinterest is not changing. They've made more money than ever before with this new business model. Good news... Pinterest is beginning to decline in users. Hopefully, this will continue and Pinterest will work on finding a balance between the Creator's needs, Users' needs and their own needs. Until then... we all suffer (except Pinterest of course).

The best advice I've taken is to focus on SEO. Pinterest has changed, it's like Facebook. You've got to "pay to play" and now it's trying to be Insta and TikTok too. It's a mess.

Google will send more traffic than Pinterest (depending on your business model). I'm a blogger and Pinterest is basically useless for new posts at this point. I focused my energy on SEO and Google now sends me way more traffic. I still add my pins to Pinterest... and once in a while, something will go well and I'll get good traffic from a newer pin. But, I don't put effort into Pinterest anymore. Just add a few pins and move on.

Focus on Google traffic. As bloggers, we have to adjust as social media platforms change. In this case, the adjustment is to focus on methods that will bring you traffic. Google and TikTok (I hear, I'm not on that platform) are driving traffic to blogs. But Google is a gold mine. I decided to put my Pinterest energy into Google Web Stories and I get several hundred page views a day from them. It takes as much energy as making an Idea Pin... but it sends you clicks! 

Also, I'm commenting so I can keep up with this your post to see what the Pinterest Community Managers say... they have not been able to help anyone with this issue as of yet... been watching these forums for the past year and the issue you are describing has been posted on here many, many times.. Interested to see if they reply to your issue.

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