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After three months of waiting for Pinterest to do the right thing, I got suspended

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@PinterestGabby @PinterestRyan @PinterestJanice 

I have to start by apologizing if the way I write is a bit harsh, but honestly I'm just so angry and surprised.

So, as I've mentioned a couple of times on this community, on July 15th my account (like so many others) experienced a drop in traffic (about 70%) and my new pins became invisible.

After a lot of back and forth with Pinterest support, @PinterestRyan let me know that Pinterest was, indeed, having some issues that were hurting accounts and that they were trying to solve the issue.

I understood and gave it a bit of time. This was August.

Since then, I continued to post fresh pins that linked to my existing URLS (which are about 30 different posts, I think, no less than 20) but I stopped sharing content from other accounts because, quite frankly, I just lacked the motivation to continue diligently working on a Pinterest account no one was seeing.

Fast forward to October, I decided to create a new ticket with Pinterest support to ask if there is anything else they can try to sort my account out because, if not, I would be giving up on the account entirely.

Here's where it gets fun, I receive a reply saying they would look into it and a couple of minutes later my account and website are suspended.

Initially, I figured they would be running tests or trying to suspend and unsuspend my account to see what happened but no, I was wrong. 

I have since filed an appeal, which has been denied.

I honestly don't get it. Was it because I said I was ready to give up and you decided to make my life easier for me?

Was there something wrong with my account back in July and all the times you said you'd checked my account and found no issue with it were mistaken?

Or maybe since you can't sort the issue out, you just decide to suspend all the problematic accounts so we'll stop bothering you?

I can't think of a thing I've done differently. All I did was patiently wait for Pinterest to step up and give me my account back. Almost three long, painful months when I wanted to give up everyday but didn't, because I still believed everything would be sorted.

I continued to make fresh pins even though no one was seeing them because I had faith Pinterest would be able to sort it out.

And this is what I got in return. 

If any of you have any explanation for what has happened, I would very much appreciate it.



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Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi @muchadoaboutpets, thanks for writing in. I understand your account was blocked and we do our best to help community members troubleshoot issues they're experiencing, but unfortunately, we aren't able to overturn any decisions our team made against accounts that have been blocked. You can review our policy guidelines here and file another appeal ticket with our team, but we are not able to assist further beyond that. We appreciate your understanding, and thanks again for writing and sharing your experience with us. 

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