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Account suspension help!

Just visiting

Hi - I wanted to go on here and ask for help as I have a client that I'm handling her Pinterest account and she got an email that her account got suspended because of spam.

I've only worked with her for a month and have not done anything crazy but schedule her pins spread out in Tailwind. In the email she received, there was a link to appeal if it was an error but the link isn't working and she has tried to click it a couple of times. It's just redirecting her to log out of her account.

I have been very careful in following the rules and of course, the last thing we want to do is create spam content. I've tried to send out the form in help desk but we keep on getting an email saying that the question didn't go through or the original question was closed. We're really just at the end here not sure what to do next.

@PinterestGabby @PinterestJanice @PinterestSupport - Hope you can help me in restoring her account as soon as possible as we are both getting frustrated by it 😞 and would love to know more of what happened so we can avoid if we did anything in the account. Btw, her account is (@jessikachristinephoto). Thank you!!!

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