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Account suspended for 2 weeks, no reply from the support

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Hi @PinterestGabby  

2 weeks ago one of my business accounts received and email saying that it got suspended for spam, which to my best knowledge is not true at all. I've had similar emails 2 times before and after manual verification I was told this:

"Sorry for the trouble! It looks like we made a mistake when we deactivated your account. It's up and running again, so you can get right back to saving Pins you find."

So I kept saving my pins, did nothing that goes against the policy, I have been on Pinterest for quite a long time and I wouldn't do anything suspicious to risk loosing it. However 2 weeks ago my account got suspended again. I used the link in the email to appeal.

After a few days I got no reply even though in the email I was told that I will get it within 2 days. So I decided to contact support via as you suggested in other threads and still no reply for another 10 days.

I'm really worried at this point and have no idea what to do, this account got popular lately and maybe that's what triggered the system

The link is 

I would appreciate any help or suggestion on how to recover it.

Thank you,


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@mynestidea  Hi there Roman, I am so sorry to hear this, just know you're not alone. Lots of others, as well as myself, have also had this same thing happen. On 3/1/21 my account was erroneously suspended and it has ruined my Pinterest account as my metrics have tank to an extreme new low. I feel so bad for you!

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Yeah, I just skimmed through the most recent threads and it looks that a couple more people are having somewhat similar problems. One person even copied my post from above word by word, which is very strange and most likely doesn't help.

But anyways, I'm not sure why there is no some official reply from Pinterest regarding this. I had really great experiences with Pinterest support team before, almost every time I contacted them.

Hopefully they are just busy and eventually will get back to us.

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