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Account issues with no resolution

New member

A few months ago, I saw a drastic drop in Pinterest traffic. Since that time my pins see single-digit impressions. None of my pins show up in search results or in my followers' feeds. I know that Pinterest has somehow deindexed my site.

I have reached out to "support" several times and every time I receive a copy and paste response that never answers my question and is not at all helpful. Here are a few of the canned responses I have received numerous times from people claiming to be there to help Pinterest users and content creators: 

"Just like other organic distribution platforms, Pinterest sees natural ebbs and flows with content distribution, which results in variations in impression volume and viewership.  Oftentimes, fluctuations can result from changes in seasonality, related interests for content, format type, engagement rates or updates that Pinterest makes to our system to better deliver valuable ideas to Pinners. Just like our users' interests evolve, we can expect the distribution of content to see natural ups and downs as well.  We encourage creators to continue to post high-quality, inspiring ideas to see what resonates with their audience on Pinterest. In some cases recent changes may be due to updates we are making to prioritize new Pins over already-Pinned content. Pinterest encourages creators to publish new, original content on a regular basis as the best way to build an audience on Pinterest. We encourage new publishing over Saving others' or your own already-pinned content. "

"Creating high-quality Pins and saving them to relevant boards is one of the most impactful things you can do to improve your distribution, as it encourages Pinners to engage with your content.  Unlike on other platforms where content can quickly get buried or disappear from your follower feed, Pins on Pinterest are constantly shared, saved and organized over time. We want to provide our users with the best content available. We advise creators to focus on publishing fresh Pins on the platform regularly to help grow their audiences."

"In general, when you publish content on Pinterest you can expect that it may be distributed to your followers, but as you create high quality, inspiring content that resonates with Pinners, it has the potential to be distributed more broadly in home feed as well as other surfaces on our platform (related pins, search, etc).  Given this, you should not expect the same performance from all content that is published.  Instead, we recommend experimenting with different formats, related interests, and adding your own spin on our creative best practices o see what works to ensure you are maximizing your reach. "

I have received these EXACT same responses every time I reach out to support for help with my issue.

The last time I contacted support, I felt like I finally got past the copy and paste responses to some actual human interaction. But it's been over a week since they told me they would have an engineer look into my account with no change or response. 

I'm getting very fed up with the lack of support the platform has provided me. And I know I'm not alone. Pinterest has been alienating the very content creators who helped the platform become so popular with the public.

If something isn't done to repair my account within the next few days, I'll be closing my account and taking my ad money somewhere else. 

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