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Account Issues When Running Ads

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It looks like previous and countless appeals as well as support tickets I've opened have not been heard. So I am reaching out to the community here again in the hope you will hear me this time.

I am unable to run ads from my business accounts

So, here's a description of what I do and what the issue is: 

I own an e-com business with products that appeal to a great part of the Pinterest audience and demographics. So, I've created a business account to run ads and, therefore, increase my online store traffic.

I've spent hours manually creating pins myself using canva and then uploading them to my Pinterest business account linking to the product page.

I also had successfully installed the Pinterest tag on my website as well as some conversion events.

So, everything was set and ready to launch some ads, right? Wrong.

Only updating my business and billing information was missing. So I filled all the required blank fields and also my added my payment information (debit/credit card supported by Pinterest according to their accepted methods). So, once I clicked "Save", I get a message saying my billing information has been updated successfully. So I head over back to my ads manager again and I am logged out of my account.

Here I thought it could be some glitch on Pinterest end but no.

I enter my login information once again, I am again inside my personal account (the one I had linked to the business one), head to the top right corner and click the arrow next to my profile picture where I should be able to select my business account from the drop-down menu. But the account is no longer displayed there. It's like it had vanished. So, I type on my address bar "" and I am redirected to my home feed.

Yep, the account has just vanished from Pinterest without even an email noticing of that.

So, what any person do? Reach out to support? Sure, opening a support ticket and wait 3 days just to get a standard answer to my query saying the account has been deactivated for violating the community guidelines. HOW?

I've never used any sort of redirecting links ( or any other type of links for my Pinterest pins). I don't spam (I upload only 2/3 pins max per each unique link to my website, I don't post any fraudulent or deceptive links. I've never taken part in posting unsolicited commercial messages in comments/descriptions or trying to artificially boost views/Pins/comments or other metrics. 

I simply created an account, added the tag, added a total of 5/6 different pins, and updated my billing information. THAT'S IT.

And I am still not sure why Pinterest marked me as spam. 

I contacted the support team many times but they are always unable to provide me with any detailed or satisfactory reason for what's happening.

In my opinion, this implies that this is an error or a glitch on the Pinterest end that's why they are unable to provide any proof!

Now, this is not the 1st time this has happened to me. It's not the first I've got that has been marked as spam.

Every time I try to create a new account, I go all over the exact same process I just described above and they all end up vanished from Pinterest without any email, explanation, or a good reason from support.

(Before you say it, I am not trying to create multiple accounts with the goal of artificially boost any metrics or whatsoever. I only create a new account when the account has been closed and customer support says they can't give me any further details.

Heck, I've already changed my store domain 5 different times with 5 different domains (which I bought using money from my own pocket that could have been used on ads) afraid that the domain address could be the cause for all this.

Now I am sure that this might be a misunderstanding that Pinterest has marked my IP address as spam (because the common IP address is the only common connection among all these banned accounts).

I just want to run clean on Pinterest! I am a marketer with big plans on budget allocation on Pinterest, but I feel like Pinterest doesn't value those who keep their business alive (media buyers like me) just enough, and more should be done. 

In case there's a problem with anything related to my accounts or any other issue might be, I'd appreciate it if someone could help me figure out that and I will make sure to fix it ASAP.

Please someone that just guides me what is the real reason behind this issue and how can I fix it (Pinterest keep providing generic answers like "account suspended because of spammy activity" or "for violating the community guidelines" instead of a solid example like which exact issue is behind all this and is the actual reason of such penalty). And how we can prevent it to avoid any mishaps in the future. 

So, please review my account "flexinspire" which has been created under and linked to my personal account joaopcdias20.

I'd really appreciate more transparency from the Pinterest end and please share some details as well as some solutions with me so that I could verify that is not someone inside Pinterest who has a conflict of interests with my business (yes, at this point I can really think of everything possible) and is trying to hurt my business giving me an unfair advantage.

I believe I have the right to know detailed info that specifically caused the block/ban. Because, as I mentioned, I have been a media buyer (on other social platforms as well as on search engines and native advertising) and want to make this relationship with Pinterest a longlasting one and I don't want this problem to ever happen again.

I am willing to do whatever it takes to know what the problem is and be able to reinstate my account - or, if not possible to reinstate them, make sure I can run ads without this problem ever happen again, but I need help in this regard.


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@joaopcdias20 @PinterestGabby Hi there - I read your post that sounds really frustrating and well it actually sounds hard. I have tagged one of the community managers Gabby she is really great at getting people where they need to be just make sure you have any reference #s that Pinterest may have given you so that Gabby can check it all out and hopefully get this issue resolved. I would only tell you to just be a little patient as sometimes it can take some time to get it resolved. I think just about everyone on PBC has had one issue or another but rest assured you have come to the right place for help.

I hope this will help you - glad you have come to the community! Lisa😁

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Hi I am also having the same issue, were you able to work it out? I would be devastated to lose my business profile. Trying to create an ad and update billing but every time I get taken to 'create business profile' then when I click that it just takes me back to my business account boards page. 

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