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Introducing Jenn from Princess Pinky Girl

Pinterest Alum
Pinterest Alum
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Photo courtesy Princess Pinky GirlPhoto courtesy Princess Pinky Girl


Name: Jenn also known as @jfishkind in the community!

Where are you from: Bloomfield Hills, Michigan

Pinterest profile:


Tell us a little bit about your business 

I am primarily a food blogger with a side of travel! I focus on super easy recipes that anyone can make. I love to hack a recipe and take out the hard steps and make them easier (I.e. using cake mix or pre-made cookie dough). My philosophy on recipes is that they shouldn't have any ingredients you can't pronounce, shouldn't have too many steps or complicated instructions and everything is better with sprinkles!

How long have you been using Pinterest and why you started advertising on Pinterest?

I started on Pinterest in 2011 (when you still needed an invite to get on the platform). I was planning my son's Bar Mitzvah and we were doing a camping theme. Rustic weddings and parties were really trending and that board exploded!! So all of a sudden I had 1 million followers and at that very moment, Pinterest changed my life.

When did you start using Pinterest for your business and how did you learn about it?

After I started dedicating time to building my Pinterest profile, my following grew to more than 3.5 million followers. I was getting contacted by national and international companies to partner with them. It was then I decided to build a business around my social following and started a blog. At that time, I had no idea even what a blog was, but I knew I could figure it out. Now my blog gets an average of 1 million pageviews a month and keeps on growing!

Why did you join the Business Community?

Pinterest is my number one referrer to my website. It is essential for any business, be it brick and mortar or online! The analytics are key to understanding how Pinterest can help improve my business. If I can't measure it, I cannot manage it. Therefore, I live by my numbers. It will help me gauge what is working on Pinterest and what is not and how to understand my audience.

We’re curious, do you have a favorite Pinterest feature and if so, what is it and why?

Of course, analytics is where I spend the majority of my time. I pour over the numbers and am constantly analyzing them.

As a user though, my favorite feature is the basic component of Pinterest, its search engine. I am a very visual person and the Pinterest search engine is so helpful helping me find the exact match to what I am looking for.

What’s your favorite thing so far about the Business Community and what would you suggest to make it better?

I adore the community and people helping people. I love being collaborative and helping others, as well as learning from others!! This is a huge space we are in and there is room for all of us to be successful. The more we can help each other, the better we will all do!

My only suggestion is to promote this new community area more! I just happened upon it and was instantly obsessed. I would love to see more like-minded Pinners engaged and active!

What do you like doing in your free time?

Hanging out with my hubby of almost 25 years, my 3 boys, and my 2 dogs! We love to travel and we are always planning our next adventure!

What’s your favorite board on Pinterest?

My favorite board is my Want...Need...Love board! It encompasses everything that I love and it is the board that started it all for me on Pinterest!

Anything else you’d like to share with the community?

Thanks so much for giving me the opportunity to share and helping me create a career based on something I am totally obsessed with. Pinterest has literally changed my life!

If you are interested, please check out my website and pin, pin, pin away. Please tag me and leave a photo or comment so I can see what you make - it warms my heart to see people enjoying my recipes!

Community Manager
Community Manager

I love this spotlight.... yay @jfishkind!! Thank you for all your contributions to the community. ❤️

Just visiting


Just visiting

A nice read about the long journey since 2011. ❤️


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You are inspiring! thanks 🙂

Community Manager
Community Manager

Loving the love here! @jfishkind fyi ^ 🙂 

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I just discovered this site, this is great, those sprinkle cookies on your website looks so yummy and festive!

Community Manager
Community Manager

Yay! Welcome to the community, @lovelyladybugs!! ❤️ 

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Nice to meet you Jenn from Princess Pinky Girl.  I love your bio! Hope to get to know you better.




New member

Más de 10 millones de visualizaciones mensuales en Pinterest? Es un sueño. Mejor dicho arduo trabajo 😘

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No wonder, Jenn! @PinterestJanice 

Some of these things on your website look sooo tasty, even for a vegan eater. I think I am gonna treat myself with a little treat here ( vegan of course, hah 🙂 All of a sudden, coffee is not enough (: