Merchant Guidelines - specifically out of stock

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I read through the merchant guidelines and I saw one of the requirements was Pinterest doesn't allow websites that have out of stock items.

I am an artist that creates a collection of around 10 pieces that I release at once with each piece put in my store individually but released as a collection. When I sell an original, obviously I can't restock that item, so it shows as out of stock. I like to keep those there until the full collection is sold so that each individual piece can still be unified through it's collection and others can view the other pieces that went with that collection. Once a collection is sold out, I remove them. It also creates urgency and scarcity for my buyers as they see pieces bought up that can't be recreated. A simple business practice.

However, I don't want to be dropped by Pinterest as a verified merchant if these items are marked as out of stock. Is this resolvable for artists who create an item only once and therefore once it's bought, it's out of stock?

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