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Hello! I received an email today

I have had my personal Pinterest for years  I have had my business for 3 years . Please note that i have had more submitted more than 7 catalogues to my Pinterest feeds and my merchant account was active for more then 2 years.

1: merchant does not meet community guidelines

2: merchant does not meet minimum website quality requirements

If you'd like to appeal this decision, please review our guidelines for more detailed information on how you can get your products on Pinterest. After updating your information, you may follow the following instructions to submit an appeal, noting that you will have no more than 2 appeal attempts:
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your webiste looks like a supermakert, you have have all kind of product, this is impossiable

Pinterest absorbed too many rubbish rank seller in past 3 years, I think it's right decision to clear them out rightnow.  I always tell the truth, hope you don't mind and angry.

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You are right 

but those seller advertise and generate revenue for Pinterest. Is the problem vendors or pinterest?

pinterest has made money from this that has approved everyone in the last 3 years

The problem may be sellers, but the biggest problem is that Pinterest has been turning a blind eye to this for years to make money.

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