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Businesses and creators can now self-identify as part of an underrepresented group on Pinterest


Pinterest is introducing a new way for creators and businesses to self-identify as belonging to an underrepresented group [URG] so their content will appear in places such as the Today tab or the Pinterest Shop. Read all about this exciting new feature available for business accounts in our Newsroom.




How do I add community information to my business profile?

Simple! Just go to your Business hub >> Settings >> Account Settings >> Add your community information. For more info on how to update and delete your community information, please see this article from our Help Center.


Who can use this feature? 

This is available to all businesses on Pinterest. Note: if you’re not seeing the feature available in your settings, you may need to finish a few extra steps for your business profile. More information on that here.


Is this available for mobile and web? 

Right now, this feature is only available on web/desktop. We will update this article if this changes.


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Who rated this article