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Product Release Roundup for Creators #9



Hi creators, we’re back with the latest installment of the release note roundup for creators.

If you missed our last roundup, you can catch up on what we share here. As a reminder for those who are new here, we share an article in our Product FAQ covering recent updates, known issues and more that affects creators. The Product FAQ is your space to stay informed and up-to-date with everything related to Pinterest business and creator tools and products.

Please be sure to rate this article if it was helpful, or leave a comment below to share feedback if you need more information about a change or update. 🌟

NEW Idea Pin Features!

You asked for more editing features, and we listened! We’re excited to share our new Idea Pin editing and customization features. These updates include expanded camera/video features and expressive features! 

Expanded camera and expressive features 

We’ve now expanded our creation and editing tools for Idea Pins! These new features give Creators the ability to publish more engaging and expressive Pins. Check out this Help Center article to learn more. 

Additions to our design tools and camera used for Idea Pin creation, include 

  • countdown timer
  • set recording duration
  • hand drawing tool (iOS only)
  • hex code picker/recent color (iOS only)
  • images as backgrounds and more! (iOS only)


We recently updated our sticker library where Creators now have access to an expanded suite of illustrative and decorative stickers. These new stickers have a ton of color customization and animation options to help make your Pins more personalized and unique! We’ve also made improvements to make the sticker selection and search function more seamless for users. Creators can now also upload a personal image such as a logo or a photo as a sticker on their Idea Pin on iOS. Check out this Help Center article for more information.



Creation Inspiration

We’re excited to announce that we’ve expanded creation inspiration to our UK and CA audiences and is now available on Android platforms! Now, creators in the US, UK, and CA will have access to the Inspiration page in the creator hub, where you’ll be able to see what’s trending on Pinterest to help you create inspiring, relevant content that Pinners are looking for.  The Inspiration page is available in the creator hub on mobile for business accounts only. Check out this Help Center article to learn more. 



Idea Pin Expansion

We’ve expanded Idea Pins to all remaining markets! Russia, Turkey, Philippines, Thailand, Ukraine, Vietnam, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Malaysia, Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong will now have access to make Idea Pins. This feature is now available on iOS, Android, Web.

Who rated this article