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Product Release Roundup for Creators [3/17]



Hi, PBC! Welcome to our first release note roundup for creators. We’ve heard the feedback you’ve all shared about wanting more transparency from our team around improvements, changes and upcoming fixes to Pinterest products and we’re excited to provide you with this brand new series. Each month, we’ll share an article in our Product FAQ covering recent updates, known issues and more. This is your space to stay informed and up-to-date with everything related to the tools and products you use to build an audience on Pinterest

Please rate the article if it helped you, or leave a comment below if it was helpful or if you need more information around a recent change or update. 🌟


Improvements to our Story Pin distribution system 📈

Our team has learned a lot about how Pinners engage with — and get inspired by — Story Pin content since we began experimenting with the format back in 2020.  From our learnings, we have worked hard to evolve our approach for surfacing Story Pins over time.

To that end, we are making improvements this month to how we recommend Story Pins to ensure Pinners see content that they may find most engaging and useful, all with a focus on their interests.  More specifically, our systems will now respond to how Pinners engage with and take action on Story Pin content, and distribute accordingly.  As a result of this change, you may see differences in impressions on future Story Pins you create.

To get the most out of our distribution systems, we recommend creating Story Pin content that Pinners find enticing, and which will inspire them to take action.  Some tips to help you maximize your reach: 

  • Make your Story Pins compelling so Pinners are inclined to watch your content and not just scroll past it; the cover should pull them in, and be relevant to the rest of the pages so they want to take a closer look and learn more. 
  • Make your content engaging - the more people save and view your Pins, the better!
  • Use video early and often. We hear from Pinners that this is a preferred way for them to experience and see your ideas in action.
  • Focus on building an audience on Pinterest. Adding links in text, or directly importing watermarked videos from other platforms might hinder distribution.
  • Pinterest is all about taking inspiration to action; your Story Pin should be both interesting to watch and actionable.  

These tips, and more, can be found in our creative best practices or in this article on Story Pins from the community.


Mentions meet the Engagement Tab 👍

The engagement tab (available on web) is meant to be a one-stop shop for you to see and respond to different types of engagement you receive on Pinterest. Now (drumroll, please) people tagging AKA @mentions on Story Pins is available in the engagement tab, too! If someone tags you directly in their Story Pin, the mention will show up as an engagement in this tab. 

Mentions can also be removed from the ‘...’ while viewing the tag from the Engagement Tab. 

For more information about the Engagement Tab, please visit this article from our Help Center. 


What’s new with Story Pins 🆕

When creating a story pin on iOS or desktop, you can save multiple drafts of your work in progress. Recently, based on feedback from creators like you, we’ve increased the storage limit on these drafts on IOS to 3g, up from 1g  You will now see a banner that indicates creation is disabled when you reach 1g of storage left on their device. This is a big improvement to previous storage limits and can lend well in times when you want to plan and store multiple pieces of content ahead of time or if you use very high-quality images and videos.  

For more information about Creating Story Pins, please visit this article from our Help Center.


Story Pin access tips

Quick reminder to keep both your Pinterest App, and device operating system updated to ensure the best experience with Story Pins.  Not only does that mean you get to easily see the latest and greatest features, but it also ensures you are able to use the Story Pin feature with no interruptions to your access. 

Story Pin creation also requires camera permissions; if you encounter issues when selecting photos or videos to upload from your media library or opening camera on mobile, double-check that Pinterest has permissions to access your camera in your device settings.  

For more information about Story Pin access, please visit this article from our Help Center.  


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