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Pinterest Academy FAQ


Pinterest Academy is our self-serve online learning platform educating advertisers, agency & brand practitioners and creators on the ins and outs of Pinterest. Our platform was designed with you in mind. Activities are short, digestible and easy to understand. Each activity can be completed in about five minutes. Considering this is a self-serve program, you can progress through the activities at your own pace and on your own time - there are no timing restrictions. 


How do I log in to Pinterest Academy? 

If you’re new to Pinterest Academy, and you already have a business account, you can simply visit Pinterest Academy then log in by connecting your business account profile to get started. Click the “Log in” button, then click the “Give access” button on the “Authorize app” modal, and you’re in! 




When I go to Pinterest Academy, it says there’s no content available. How do I access the course content? 

If you see a message on the home screen that says “No activities to display,” that may mean that you’re not logged in. At the top right of the homepage, you’ll see a “Log In” button–click that and you may need to re-authorize your account (see steps to number 1 above). 




I’m running into issues logging in to Pinterest Academy. 

If questions 1 and 2 above do not resolve your question, something else might be going on. To help troubleshoot, please drop your question in the comment section below -- we'll do our best to respond within 2-3 business days. 

It says I have not completed the activity, what’s happening? 

Some of the activities require you to swipe through a carousel, open the accordion, and answer the knowledge check questions. Be sure to do the above, and once you do so, you should see a small notification at the bottom showing you completed the activity. On the homepage, the activity will also be marked as complete with a blue check mark.

Where can I submit feedback about the courses in Pinterest Academy? 

First, we appreciate and welcome any and all feedback. You can provide both quantitative and qualitative feedback. On the homepage, if you click the “Start survey” button, you can give each activity a star ranking. Additionally, if you click “Add review,” you’ll be able to add comments in a text box based on your experience. Keep in mind that some activities may not answer your question specifically, but may be answered in a different activity within the same topic. 





What languages do you support? 

Currently, Pinterest Academy is available in US English, UK English, French and German languages. 

Is there certification available? 

Not at this time.

We hope these answers were helpful! Please rate the article if it helped you! 🌟🌟🌟

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