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Product Spotlight: Shopping 🛍

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Product Spotlight: Shopping 🛍


Welcome to our first Product Spotlight on the PBC! 


We are so excited to unveil the first-ever Product Spotlight on the Pinterest Business Community. This is a new resource we’re creating just for our community members to get information about Pinterest business products and tools. In this article, you’ll find links to various pieces of content such as relevant Help Center articles, blogs from our Business site, success stories or events that pertain to whichever product we end up highlighting. If there is a specific product you would like to see covered next, let us know in the comments!

Please rate the article if it helped you, or leave a comment below if it was helpful or if you need more information around a recent change or update. 🌟


For our first feature, we’ll be shining a special spotlight on Shopping! Shopping on Pinterest helps people more easily find and buy the things they love, which in turn drives more conversions for you. 

Getting started with Pinterest Shopping is easy! There’s a few quick steps to do so: 

  1. See if catalogs is for you
  2. Have a claimed website on Pinterest
  3. Set up the Pinterest tag
  4. Prepare your data source
  5. Add your data source
  6. Organize your products with product groups
  7. Create shopping ads
📌: Make sure your website meets our merchant guidelines! 


Need assistance with set-up? We have some resources available to help you! You can work with a Pinterest-approved e-commerce partner like Shopify or ChannelAdvisor. Be sure to check out the articles below for more details. ⬇️


Frequently Asked Questions about Shopping

Looking for a list of the most commonly asked questions about Shopping? We’ve got you covered. Check out our article of frequently asked questions about Pinterest Shopping products. You’ll find everything here from troubleshooting feed uploads, to creating Product Groups. Please let us know if the article helped you by giving it a rating.

📌: If you have a question about Shopping and it’s not listed in the article, please add a comment so our team can help! 


Shopping Office Hours.png

Shopping Office Hours 

We’re hosting our first LIVE Office Hours in the PBC! The Shopping Office Hours Event will take place on October 26th. Please add your questions in this form so we can capture what this group would like to discuss. For more information about the event and the Zoom link to join, check out our event post. 

Spotlight_ IdeaChic-1.png


Merchant Spotlight

Get inspired and learn from other small businesses and merchants who have found success using Pinterest. Check out our spotlight on verified merchant and small business, @ideachicretail and give them some love!  

P.S. we are ALWAYS looking for ways to highlight our creator community, if you have a story to share, you can submit via this form. 


Other resources

  • Check out our newest suite of products recently launched for Shopping in our Business blog! Read up on features like slideshow for collections, merchant details and more. 
  • Learn more about Shopping on Pinterest on our Business site.
  • Check out some short videos about Shopping products on our YouTube page.
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Yes!!! Hopefully, these Product Spotlights will literally shed some light on some of the processes that have been a little opaque in the past.

One thing to note here is that you can now submit a support ticket to inquire 'Why' your Verified Merchant application was declined.

Way to make Merchants feel more supported with processes that are more transparent and easier to implement! 🤓📌


I noticed that too @andrealidesigns! Love that option for everyone trying to get that status. 

This is a super helpful article. I passed it on to our ecomm team! 

Thanks @PinterestSupport and @PinterestGabby 🤗



Yess! This is exactly what was missing here! There are plenty of cool products for us to use on Pinterest and I often find them only by accident so this is great news!

On a different note: I hope shopping on Pinterest will eventually become available in all countries. I come from EU country with euro currency and I find it strange that I am not able to participate. Also becoming a verified merchant would be cool.

But for now, I am off to create a couple of idea pins.




Hi @xzouix, please keep an eye on our newsroom to see when Shopping will be available in your country. Regarding the Verified Merchant Program, please follow this guide to apply. Let me know if this works out for you!


@PinterestDeboraHello Debora, that's a great news! I am regularly visiting the newsroom to stay up to date. Can't wait for this opportunity 🙂 🙂 🙂


@andrealidesigns thanks for bringing attention to the new option! We appreciate the positive feedback and hear you loud and clear about transparency and making merchants feel more supported! 🤗


@PinterestJazmin Of course! My pleasure! 🤓📌

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