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Say goodbye to Story Pins and 👋 to Idea Pins

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Say goodbye to Story Pins and 👋 to Idea Pins


Drumroll, please… we’re excited to announce that Idea Pins are now available to all creators! This new format is made for native creation -- you can publish content and grow your engaged audience right on Pinterest. 

Formerly known as Story Pins, this multi-page format has even more eye-catching features like video editing, music and stickers to bring your ideas to life. In addition to all these great new publishing tools, we’re also announcing new ways for you to grow your community through following streams. People on Pinterest will now be able to see your Idea Pins right at the top of their home feed from the creators they follow. Be sure to read all about the exciting new announcement and what else we’re rolling out in our Newsroom.

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Why are they called Idea Pins and not Story Pins? 

Idea Pins get at what makes Pinterest special, ideas and inspiration. Idea Pins enables us to fully own the ambition to inspire. Unlike other platforms that use Stories, Idea Pins do not disappear after 24 hours, and this name change helps to make that more clear.


What are the new features to Idea Pins? 

You now have access to an exciting suite of publishing tools for Idea Pins including...

  • Video recording and editing 📄
  • Voice over recording so you can add your  own personal voice 🎙
  • Music selection 🎹
  • Ghost mode transition tools 👻
  • Detail pages for instructions or ingredients 📝
  • Interactive elements like people tagging and stickers 🎫
  • Multi-draft save so you can create and publish more ideas 💡
  • Export options to share content beyond Pinterest  
  • Topic tagging, a feature that helps connect content to relevant interests 🏷


When will Idea Pins be available in other markets? 

Right now, Idea Pins are only available in the US, UK, Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Stay tuned as we release Idea Pins to other markets around the world later this year! 🌏


Are there any best practices to creating Idea Pins? 

Yes! Here’s an example of a great Idea Pin and why it’s a best-in-class example. 



  • Stunning imagery 
  •  Engaging text -- invites other Pinners to partake and participate 
  •  Informative -- not only provides visuals of the location, but also shares reasons others would want to visit/things to do while you're there 

You can check out our creative best practices in this article. You can also check out what’s latest for creators on our Instagram and business site.

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Made my first Idea video after getting the e-mail and it just won't publish. Is there a problem at Pinterest's end?


Responded to your other post@fabfood4all!


You guys really have no intention of listening to and working with the creators that built you, OBVIOUSLY!  You did NOTHING but name it something else...

Idea pins?? rotfl - isn't the ENTIRE premise behind Pinterest that we can PIN INTERESTING IDEAS to a bulletin board so that when we are ready to CREATE the IDEAS we can click on said ideas and find out HOW to actually do them??



It is really interesting to me how much Pinterest doesn’t listen. It’s also hurtful to get the same canned response over and over again or just silence.

Creators and users both hate idea pins. It’s really that simple.

We, as creators are not going to give 100% of our content that took hours to make in the first place away for free. Or even with the hope that it “might” give us a little more engagement on our accounts.

Our followers are frustrated because they want to click to our sites and can’t. You aren’t listening to them either.

In the blogging community idea pins are a huge joke. No one is on board. People want to abandon Pinterest all together and find a better ROI for the time spent promoting content.

Please listen and add a link so that we can be rewarded for the work we are doing for your platform.

While you’re at it, make it easier for users to find a link on video pins too.

If you don’t care or don’t want us pinning just be honest and let us know. A little transparency would be refreshing.



Could someone please explain the change in impressions on the story/idea pins? I had some at 25k and now they are way below that. Is it not possible to see the lifetime impressions? Where the impressions wrong this whole time? I am completely confused and slightly frustrated. 


Hi there,

I have noticed that we can view idea pins only on smartphones. They don't seem to work on tablets and computers. I know that most people use their phone when they're on Pinterest but it's too bad we can't view idea pins on other media. Personally, I love using my iPad when I'm on Pinterest, it enhances the visual experience!


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