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Introducing the Creator Code

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Introducing the Creator Code




At Pinterest, we lead with kindness, and we want to make sure that all our creators feel supported and are on the same page. That’s why we’re launching the Creator Code: our commitment to keeping Pinterest a safe and inspiring place to create. Read all about the announcement in our Newsroom.

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What is the Creator Code? 

The Creator Code is a pledge that creators must accept when creating Idea Pins that follow our Community guidelines. These guidelines and policies will be required of all creators who want to create content on Pinterest. In order to create native content on Pinterest, you must select ‘Accept’. You only need to accept the Creator Code once. To learn more about what’s in the Creator Code, head over to our Business site.


What happens if I don’t sign the Creator Code

If you do not agree to the terms and conditions of the Creator Code, you will not be able to create Idea Pins on Pinterest. 


What happens if I violate the Creator Code? 

If an Idea Pin violates our Community guidelines, you may lose access to creating Idea Pins on Pinterest.


Does the Creator Code apply for all created content on Pinterest? 

No, the Creator Code only applies to creating Idea Pins. 


How do I get access to Idea Pins? 

For more information on access and how to create Idea Pins, please review this Help Center article or check out our Idea Pin best practices.






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