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Get the most from Story Pins with these tips

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Get the most from Story Pins with these tips

Hi, welcome to our guide to getting the most from our newest Pin format, Story Pins. We hope this will help serve as a guide to creating best in class Story Pin content. By educating yourself on these best practices you have a greater chance of successfully growing your audience on Pinterest while offering inspiration to Pinners. You can request access to Story Pins here.

What are Story Pins?

Story Pins are a new type of Pin that unlock everything that’s great about creating on Pinterest. Use up to 20 pages of videos, images, custom fonts, formats, and colors to bring your ideas to life.

Key features 

  • More room to shine. With Story Pins, you’re not limited to a single image or video. Story Pins have multiple pages—you can use up to 20 to tell your story!

  • Flexible creative tools. Get creative with a mix of short videos, full-bleed images, custom fonts, colors, easy-to-build lists, and customizable text overlays. Mix and match different media types to illustrate your ideas.

  • Better reach. New topic tagging offers improved audience targeting for Story Pins, helping you reach people looking for your ideas, faster.  

How to create Story Pins

Check out our Help Center article: Create Story Pins


10 tips for making better Story Pins 

Higher quality Story Pins inspire more, improving your engagement and reach. Follow these best practices to create beautiful, high-performing Story Pins. 

1) Use multiple pages to tell the full story 

With Story Pins, you’re not limited to a single image or video. Story Pins give you up to 20 pages to communicate your ideas. 

  • Each page can translate into a single step— a video, a text page, a full bleed image, a split-screen, a list of ingredients, a quote, a call to action. Story Pins gives you the flexibility and space you need to share a bigger story. Tip: Use multiple pages (we recommend 5 or more) in your Story Pin. 

2) Stand out with videos

Story Pins support both videos and video covers to help bring inspiration to life.

  • We recommend including a dynamic cover video as well as multiple short, compelling videos ( 2-20 seconds in length) in your Pin to capture attention and give Pinners a more immersive experience. Tip: If you’re using sound in your video try supplementing with visual or text in case your reader has their sound turned off.

3) Choose high-quality media

Pinterest is a visual platform, help yourself stand out by using videos and images that are visually interesting, clearly composed, and compelling.

  • Use high-quality photos and videos, we recommend images and videos that are 16MB. Tip: Shooting at home? Try using natural light to get a great image.
  • Story Pins display with a 9:16 ratio. We recommend using assets that are 1080x1920 pixels. You can edit before you upload or scale and position images and videos of different sizes within the create flow in order to make them display correctly. Tip: Even if you’re creating on your desktop, think about how your Story Pins will look on a mobile device.
  • Choose a compelling cover image to help you stand out in home feed and search results. Remember, unlike pages, you can’t edit as your cover after you publish,4so choose your image, video, and title carefully. Tip: Try using video for your cover page to grab attention in the home feed and search results.
  • Be original: Use your original video and image files instead of stock photography wherever possible.

4) Get creative! 

Create visual interest by mixing media—you can use multiple short videos (2-20 seconds each) and full-bleed or split-screen images in each story.  

  • Try a text overlay on your photos and videos to add context. There are a variety of fonts and colors to choose from within the create flow. Tip: Try matching your photo colors to font and background colors—experiment to see what looks best!
  • Want to add something after you’ve published? No problem, use built-in editing tools to make updates. 

5) Make your Story Pin actionable

Story Pins are meant to be actionable. A Story Pin should be an idea you can “do” without seeking further information. 

  • When you create a Story Pin, think about what your audience might be interested in and what information they need to get started. Use multiple pages to expand on your ideas and descriptive copy to list ingredients or step-by-step instructions, particularly for recipe Pins.
  • Text can be brief but should provide context, instructions, or information to help Pinners bring your ideas to life.
  • Make sure the images and text you choose are clear and cohesive, they should relate to each other and tell a clear story that your audience will be excited to read, save, and try. 
  • Unlike Standard Pins, there’s no need for external links with Story Pins. In fact, we discourage using any links in Story Pins as it takes away from the quality of the Pin. Instead, give your audience inspiration, instructions, ingredients, supplies, and helpful tips —everything they might want to know to get started. Tip: Story Pins are perfect for step-by-step instructions. Try using a page for each step.

6) And inspiring… 

Best-in-class creative on Pinterest is actionable and inspirational. 

  • What makes Pinterest such a unique and powerful platform for creators is the mindset of the people using it. Pinterest is a positive space where Pinners can dream about who they want to be and what they want to create. 
  • Focus your Pins on providing new ideas, valuable information, and real-life solutions that may inspire your audience to share or save your Pin after reading.

7) Optimize for discovery

The copy in your Story Pin provides users important information and context they need. Your copy also provides Pinterest with information to index your Pin in search, related Pins, and home feed. 

  • Adding text and titles to your Story Pin that showcase keywords and trending ideas help optimize your content so it gets surfaced in search.  
    • We recommend using descriptive text  (max of 250 characters per page) wherever possible to provide additional context about your Story Pin and help Pinterest surface it to the right users. 
    • Don’t forget to include a relevant title (max of 100 characters) to catch Pinner’s attention. Tip: Keep all copy clear and relevant. For example “Easy No-bake Dinners” is better than “Food.” Avoid using symbols or spaces in your title, for example, a board titled “Cookies” is much better than a Pin or a board titled  ***Cookies*** or C O O K I E S. 

8 ) Tag topics to reach new audiences

Story Pins feature powerful new tagging options that help ensure your Story Pin is shown to more of the right people. 

  • Before you publish, take a moment to tag topics to reach more people interested in ideas like yours, quickly!

9) Engage your audience

This new immersive, action-oriented format is something our Pinners love which translates into better engagement and growth from your on-platform audience. 

  • We recommend that you add a personal touch by asking your audience to engage and follow you. It’s easy from a Story Pin, all they have to do is click your profile photo and click “follow”. Tip: try adding a CTA to your Story Pin to follow your profile for related content. We see this work especially well as an “end card” on the last page of your Pin 
  • Create fresh Story Pins each week to engage your audience, improve your reach and grow your following. 

10) Measure success and optimize performance

Leverage our analytics tools to help you make even better Story Pins: 

  • Pinterest Analytics helps you understand how your Pins are performing on Pinterest, learn more about your audience, and uncover opportunities to improve performance.
    • You can also see on-the-Pin metrics with Pin stats—this is an easy way to see how specific Pins is performing at a glance. You’ll see Pin Stats in the closeup view of all your Pins. They show the performance for each Pin and include impressions, closeups, link clicks, and saves—as well as which boards your Pins are being saved to on Pinterest. Learn more about Pin Stats
    • Finally, tap into the latest trends to discover what our users are searching for today. 




A few things to avoid

  • We recommend creating your text overlays within the creation flow (instead of using external tools or uploading creative with existing copy). Using Pinterest’s tools helps us gather signals about your Pins so we can surface them in search. 
  • Story Pins make it possible to tell your entire story on Pinterest, without linking to an external site. We recommend keeping your user on your Story Pin and avoiding adding links in your copy as this can decrease the quality of your Pin. 
  • Incorporate products and sponsors tastefully but avoid creating Pins that are overtly promotional. 
  • Don’t try to “collage” images together on one page— Story Pins support multiple pages to tell your story; create longer Story Pins with a mix of video, images, and text instead. 
  • Use interest tagging (not hashtags) to help you reach the right users at the right time. Choose your topics sparingly based on their relevance and don’t keyword spam. 

Still have questions? Additional resources & support

  • Inspiration: Check out some of our favorite Story Pins in action
  • Troubleshooting: Visit our Help Center and click the "Contact us" link at the bottom of any Help Center page to get in touch with our support team.
  • Office hours: Join us for Office Hours to better understand Story Pins and best practices. We host these sessions every Thursday at 1 pm PST. Sign-up Form
  • Education courses:  Sign up for Pinterest Academy, our free e-learning tool, with new courses for creators to take advantage of our suite of tools and features.

Story Pins updates:

  • 6/30/2020 - Story Pin creation on Pinterest app versions older than 8.20 will be disabled very soon. 🚨Please update your app ASAP if you would like to continue creating Story Pins on the app. 🚨
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