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Get the most from Story Pins with these tips

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Get the most from Story Pins with these tips

Hi, welcome to our guide to getting the most from our newest Pin format, Story Pins. We hope this will help serve as a guide to creating best in class Story Pin content. By educating yourself on these best practices you have a greater chance of successfully growing your audience on Pinterest while offering inspiration to Pinners.
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🎥 Video

  • That’s it. That’s the tip. Here’s why: Video’s great for telling a story, showing how to do something or talking to your viewers. Start with a video on the first page—it will stand out. But make sure any videos in your Story Pin have text since sound-off is the default.

📖 Go for more pages

  • Story Pins help you share an idea, recipe, outfit, travel guide—you name it. Pinners like swiping through content. So use the space you need to tell a great story. (We think that’s usually 5 or more pages.)

📝 Explain your idea—really

  • Write. Add text. Play with colors and fonts. Make sure the information's all there without linking out. Having text on a few pages—and tagging topics before you publish—are both key. It helps Pinterest understand what the Story Pin is about to be able to show it to more people. 

💡 Create it yourself

  • Create an original Story Pin within Pinterest—don't just upload content from somewhere else. And use the content that you own. Full stop. 

🎭 Actually tell a story

  • Great Story Pins are helpful, inspiring, or different. People can act on them. So, plan yours out like you would a real story. Aim for a beginning, middle, and end. Avoid adding links or making it look like an obvious ad. 

👀 Make it human

  • Story Pins are a way for people to get to know the creator behind the idea. Don’t be afraid to narrate your idea or show us your face. It helps Pinners connect with and discover new creators to follow.

🔥 Quick quality check

  • Story Pins are meant to feel more authentic and straight-from-your-phone. That said, here are a few things to keep in mind:
    • Check your borders. Are the edges of the screen covered? If not, pinch the screen to resize.
    • Is the lighting the best it can be? Natural light does wonders.
    • Do the videos and images in your Story Pin fit together style-wise? Filters help.
    • Make sure the bases are covered: It’s high-resolution, the focus isn’t blurry and what you see feels crisp.

Great Story Pin examples:

Story Pins updates:

  • 9/17/2020 - When you create a Story Pin, it must follow our Community guidelines. If a Story Pin violates our guidelines, you may lose access to Story Pins.
  • 6/30/2020 - Story Pin creation on Pinterest app versions older than 8.20 will be disabled very soon. 🚨Please update your app ASAP if you would like to continue creating Story Pins on the app. 🚨


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