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Announcing product tagging and affiliate partnerships on Pinterest 🏷

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Announcing product tagging and affiliate partnerships on Pinterest 🏷


Attention, community members! We’re so excited to unveil our newest feature, product tagging for Idea Pins, so you can help your audience go from inspiration to shoppable action. Starting now, all creators in the US and UK regions can search and tag shoppable products on Pinterest, or tag products using product links. We’re also introducing affiliate partnerships on Pinterest, meaning creators can link out from select affiliate programs to get paid from sales that come directly from their recommendations 💵. Read all about the announcement in our Newsroom.

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How do I access the product tagging feature? 

On iOS, creators can access the product tagging feature through the Stickers module in the Idea Pin create flow. On Android, tap the tag icon above ‘Products’ in the editing tool of Idea Pins. You’ll then have the option to search by the product name or add a product link

At this time, product tagging is only available on mobile and for business accounts in the US and UK regions. We will continue rolling out access over the coming months to international creators so stay tuned for updates as we expand these offerings globally! 

For more information on how to set up product tagging for your Idea Pins, check out our Help Center. 


What products am I allowed to tag in my Idea Pin? 

Creators can tag any products that exist on Pinterest or create a new product Pin via URL search. For existing product pins, the searchable content will be limited to the product pins for that locale. 


How many tags can I add? 

You can add up to 5 product tags per page, and up to 20 product tags per Idea Pin.


Can I use product tagging to drive traffic to another website? 

No. This tagging functionality is meant for shoppable product pins/product pages only.


Can product tags be edited after the Idea Pin has been published?

No, not at this time. Be sure to check the tags before hitting publish! 


Where can I find analytics on my product tags?

In-app reporting will not be available for now, but we’re working on launching this soon. 


How do merchants and retailers know that their product has been tagged? 

Merchants will receive email notifications letting them know when their products are tagged. If a merchant prefers not to have their product tagged, they have the option to remove the tagged product from the Idea Pin.


Can I use an affiliate link to tag a product?

Yes! We support affiliate links from affiliate networks and programs like ShopStyle Collective and Rakuten Advertising. However, please keep in mind that not all affiliate programs are supported at this time. If you have any issues using affiliate links, please let us know by filing a ticket with our support team.

📌: Our team is working to enable links from all major affiliate networks, stay tuned! 


Do I need to disclose if I’m using an affiliate link? What is the best way to do that?  Can you advise on my requirements to disclose?

Within the Product Tagging flow, there’s a toggle you can use to indicate you are tagging sponsored products. To learn more about how we approach Paid Partnerships on Pinterest, check out our Community Guidelines. 


Why do some affiliate links work and others don’t? 

We are only allowing affiliate links from approved affiliate partners and domains. To learn more about our affiliate guidelines, visit our Community Guidelines.


Another new feature? Hmmm... Let's hope this one will benefit shop owners and affiliates.


@momentswithjenny I am not so sure about that...when using this feature it asks for a normal link to the merchant website.

When people click on the product link in your Idea pin it then takes them to another pin in a extra 'products you tagged' folder and that one is tagged with all links but yours...users have to click on the left bottom of that pin to get to your affiliate link instead of the products tagged by pinterest.


This is a example of one of those pins you get redirected to from the idea pin. (You have to click the merchant name in the bottom left to buy through your affiliate link)


Screenshot 2021-07-31 7.16.44 PM.png


@allaboutbabyblog Wow! That's so thoughtful of Pinterest to create a feature that still benefits them. I wonder when they'll care about creators for real and help us grow our businesses as they expand.


Heya @allaboutbabyblog! Hope you're doing well. 🙂 Appreciate you taking the time to share this feedback, I've escalated with our product team for review. Hopefully I'll have an update to share back with you soon. 🤞cc: @PinterestYayori 


Actually, @allaboutbabyblog, can you link the example Pin you shared above? I want to share with product exactly what you're referencing so they can review. Thanks! 


@PinterestSupport @PinterestGabby  Hey! When will LTK be an approved affiliate? Thanks!


Hi @julsrosemond! Thanks for the comment. 🙂 Our team is still working to enable links from all major affiliate networks -- we do not have an ETA we can share for when more will be added, but we'll be sure to update this article as more affiliates join the program. I'll make a note to share with product your feedback, though! 


I heard that affiliate rakuten has removed the tracking link on pinterest. what is right?


Hi @rahmajewelrydotcom! Thanks for reaching out. We did a quick test with our team and confirmed everything is working as intended. The tracking URL is used when clicking on the tagged product. LMK if that helps clear things up. 🙂 


Just wanted to add our thoughts on the discussion above 🙂 

Are the two affiliates listed in this FAQ the only approved affiliates at this time? 

We think it would be super helpful if there was an official list of approved affiliates (updated when needed) on the Pinterest help desk somewhere. This way we can know for sure which affiliates will work with this feature and so that we don't have to keep bugging you about whether an affiliate will work 😉 


Thanks for listening! @PinterestSupport @PinterestGabby 



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