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Pinterest TV Spotlight: Gaby Lassiter

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Business: Sound Bath Meditation For Moms - Relaxation and Stress Relief
Gaby Lassiter has partnered with Pinterest in previous activations and campaigns, however she did not receive compensation in exchange for this success story.
We’re so excited to chat with Gabby [@soundbathmeditationonline] the creator behind Sound Bath Meditation Online. The Pinterest TV team has featured this Creator’s newsletter as a tagged product during her immersive one-hour episodes and she has seen an increase of 30+ new paid subscribers as a result!

What has been your biggest success on Pinterest to date? What about on Pinterest TV?

"My biggest success can be attributed to my Pinterest TV series. Shortly after the first show in my series, I was able to increase subscriptions to my sound bath streaming website. My engagement exploded through the roof as did my follower count."

What has most surprised you about Pinterest TV?

"I was both impressed and surprised with my overall experience of Pinterest TV. I greatly appreciate the fact that Pinterest supports a wide and diverse range of creators and encourages them to express themselves in different ways. This is something many content creators have been waiting for."

How do you feel after you go live? Can you describe one encounter you had that felt great?

"Going live on Pinterest TV was a very exciting and fun experience. I was initially nervous that no one would attend my first show, but after the fact discovered that a few hundred people showed up. It was extremely rewarding to watch the number of viewers grow each week, and to interact with those who reached out via direct message or by leaving comments on my posts."