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PBC Spotlight: XZOUIX

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Lena Zoui, Small Business, Creator

Location: Slovakia

Business: Womenswear designer slowly transitioning into menswear. I am specializing in zero-waste design and recycled leather


Pinterest profile:

PBC: @xzouix 


Hello! Tell us a little bit about yourself and your business.

I am a designer and photographer with a background in fashion design. I am currently transitioning from avant-garde womenswear into more functional design sitting at the edge of womenswear and menswear. Don't get me wrong, I still love fashion for what it is, stunning and overwhelming and fun, but recently I felt like recycling materials for the sake of creating and creating for the sake of recycling was not enough anymore. I've been doing this for about a decade, and as it became a global trend, I started looking for a way to differentiate myself from brands marketing themselves as environmentally friendly.

Recycling materials like abandoned leather is an idea that goes beyond a creative need and design love, it is what gives a sense to what I do. Over the years I worked with different materials and media, but only recycling fabrics and particularly leather gave me a deeper sense of purpose. We all need a purpose, especially when it comes to work. I have been vegetarian for almost two decades and vegan for over a decade, so working with animal leather has been one of the biggest challenges for psychological and logical reasons. Becoming a vegetarian and vegan came natural and unexpectedly, as I grew as a person and a personality, met people and learned things. #thankful It’s about becoming oneself with the environment, upgrading my values and goals. I am glad that at such an early age I recognized what really has a true meaning, and if I learned something from the world we live in, it is that caring about the world we live in should correspond with creating the world we live in.

And this is where Well Weathered co. starts to emerge in my mind, a company with a focus on recycled leather. The first fashion collection I made with recycled leather in 2013 was inspired by custom motorcycle culture and got a lot of attention, won an award and was shown in a design gallery.


How did you discover Pinterest?

I have been aware of Pinterest for years, because my roommate used to spend her days off browsing and daydreaming over all the creations and beautiful content found on the platform. It always struck my curiosity. Only when I signed up, I found that not only is Pinterest the perfect platform for dreamers, it is the perfect sharing space for creators and doers.


What are your business goals and how has Pinterest helped you reach your goals?

My goal is to make a good design part of our everyday life. Pinterest has helped me streamline my thoughts and my work and bring my vision closer to people with whom I share my love for motorcycles. Whether I am designing a jacket or looking for cool parts for my motorcycle, I create a pin or a full board, because I know there are other people looking for the stuff, so why not help them find what they're looking for? People in the motorcycle community are some of the most driven people I've met, and it is so motivating! That's the reason why I am pinning not only my own work but also promoting motorcycle builders and artisans who know that putting their hands to work comes with a next level commitment. Only those with a true dedication will actually go ahead and work on their bikes or create something instead of buying a cheap version for a cheap dollar. These are people who care and support each other and make the motorcycle community. I promise you, no biker is left on the side of the road and on his own.


What aspects of your business have you been focusing on recently?

XZOUIX is a one woman operation, I do everything from r&d to sewing and post-production by myself, and with the second brand on the horizon, I am focusing on mastering the balance and flow. Having enough time to design and make a perfect product and then photograph it and show it to the world, that's a lot of work for one person to handle (pictured below is my most recent work).

Screen Shot 2021-09-17 at 12.50.31 PM.png


Why did you start advertising on Pinterest? How have you used ads to grow your business?

It made sense. I never advertised on any other platform, because I heard all the people complaining about the ads and I didn't want to be the reason for their complaints. But with Pinterest, it is different. People come here to plan and actively seek the missing pieces for their next big project, so advertising on Pinterest feels natural and it also looks good. The clean design makes every piece of content stand out.


What insights or trends have you unlocked by advertising on Pinterest? Can you share a bit about your campaign strategy?

So far, I only dipped my toes in the advertising on Pinterest. I learned how it works, what works and what doesn't work when it comes to talking to my audience. I learned that helping people find what they seek works better than just showing off my creative drive.

Whether it's an ad or not, a pin with a good headline and content is worth Pinners' time.

One good example is an ad pin with an inspirational headline that not only sounds good but also sparks curiosity in Pinners and makes them click to learn more. I have been designing clothes for almost two decades now, and if I learned something, it's that having a store full of nice designs is not enough, because not everyone has the same vision as a designer and sees beyond the garment. Not everyone has the same level of confidence when it comes dressing. The truth is, every person and every garment has a potential, and the secret is in styling. And styling is a skill everyone can learn.

One of the categories I sell on my website are multi-garments. Multi-garments are garments that can be styled in multiple ways. Some of these pieces are 4-in-1 or even 6-in-1 pieces and these are just perfect for a minimalist wardrobe and for people that are traveling a lot and need to be able to pack their wardrobe in a suitcase. Funny enough, it took me years to understand what I am selling and it was the Pinterest ads that have made me realize where my strengths are and what I should focus on when it comes to introducing and selling my product.

Trust me, when I tell people that “Styling is a skill you can learn” and then show them one of the multi-garments to help them unleash their imagination and confidence, it's a real win.

With a solution driven company, it is much easier to communicate the product to the customers and I will always remember this, working on both of my brands, whether it's the one for fashion lovers dreaming of being star stylists or motorcyclists seeking the one, fully functional motorcycle jacket, they will be riding in for years.


What’s been your favorite Pinterest product or tool?

My favorite tool is the Pinterest browser button. It follows me everywhere, because I choose to. There must be a genius behind this little invention.


What tips would you share with other small businesses looking to use Pinterest?

Just dive in. There are many tools to use for your advantage, so choose the combination of tools that work best for you. Download the Pinterest browser button, it is a game changer. These tools are here to make it easier for you to bring your work in front of the people.


Any other features you’ve found beneficial for your small business?

The live events. I think I only missed one webinar over the last year.


Thanks for sharing your Pinterest journey with us, Lena!!
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