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PBC Spotlight: Wicked Good

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Wicked Good, Merchant/Shop

Location: Chicago, IL

Business: Wicked Good makes clean consciously crafted fragrances

📌: Pinterest profile and @wickedgoodco on the PBC

*Disclaimer: We recently announced an update to our content creation tooling on Pinterest that combines and simplifies our organic Pin formats. Due to these recent product updates, some articles posted prior to May 2023 may be out of date.

Hi! Tell us a little bit about Wicked Good and how you started using Pinterest!

Wicked Good is a clean consciously crafted fragrance boutique. Perfumes are handcrafted; brewed + bottled one at a time in Chicago. Created for true scent aficionados, Wicked Good creates unique fragrances that embrace the centuries-old craft of bourbon perfumeries but with a modern sensibility + a touch of whimsical magic. We're a small batch, handcrafted brand with a budget to match.

Fragrances are hard to sell online since consumers cannot smell them. Until websites can serve up scratch + sniff technology; we have to get creative to connect with scent lovers.

Pinterest helps us convey our olfactory compositions with images. The power of being small + agile in the perfume industry allows us to connect with customers in an immediate, authentic way.

Our strategy is working. Pinterest is our number one traffic source, driving almost 90% of the traffic to our website.*

*Wicked Good Co., internal data, 2022.


What aspects of your shop have you been focusing on recently? How are you leveraging Pinterest to meet your business goals?

Our traffic is in the top 1% of Shopify stores that launched the same week as us.* Our strategy is simple: content. A creative mix of imagery, gift guides, product roundups + tutorials. It’s clear our target market is using Pinterest to research purchasing decisions. Our problem; they don’t know we exist. Good exposure is everything. Pinterest to the rescue. It puts our products right in front of people looking for new brands.Our verified content appears alongside big name fragrance houses with deep pockets. 

This discovery process is kind of like finding a hidden treasure that you didn’t know you needed or wanted; or quite possibly, didn’t even have the words to describe. It’s what makes shopping fun. 

We focus on Pinterest SEO, use promoted pins + Pinterest retargeting helps us turn Pins into purchases. We see 9x ROI for Pinterest over Facebook ads. We turned Facebook ads off last year + haven’t looked back!

*Wicked Good Co., internal data, 2022.


Why did you join the PBC? What have you found that’s been valuable about being a member? 

We've proudly been featured on websites like Real Simple, Refinery 29 + Into the Gloss, to name a few. Staying on trend + unique for people who 'love' perfume is important to our strategy.

We offer a monthly clean perfume subscription box called the Scent Club; as well as curated, limited edition collections. Our secret is Pinterest Trends. I can easily check out surging trends to confirm we’re on point.

I officially joined PBC recently, but I’ve been watching from the sidelines. I value community over competition. Over the years I’ve learned so much, I feel it’s important to give back. I see so many new e-commerce shops struggling to do everything. It’s important to decipher what’s working + focus on that. The Pinterest Community shares tips + tricks; as well as gets first access to new features.

I’m also super excited to connect with other brands + share my passion for clean fragrance. I am working on creating a custom fragrance for a brand I’ve met through PBC. The collab has been so fun, I’d love the opportunity to work with more brands + creators! 

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Pinterest is your top traffic source, can you tell us more about your strategy and the results you saw?

Even prior to advertising, Pinterest drove the majority of our traffic. At first, I wasn’t really doing anything special aside from the Shopify connections + pinning our blog content each month. When I looked at our stats, I was impressed. Shoppable Product Pins spur engagement + sales automatically with minimal effort on our part.


Talk to us about your experience using Shopify, what have you learned? Do you have a top performing ad, campaign or Pin that you can share with the community?

The Pinterest Shopify app makes it fast + easy to upload your product catalog + publish Pins for items you sell. In a few clicks you can publish all your products. For us, that’s 475 scents plus 25 items including unisex fragrance sprays + hand poured spy candles to bath + body like body butter, sea salt soak + bath + body elixir oils, so it’s a lot of SKUs. 


Why did you decide to become a Verified Merchant? What are some of the benefits you’ve seen of the program?

My goal is to provide a stellar customer experience. Pinterest drives so many new people to my brand, I want them to be comfortable shopping with us. Since I can not be at the front door greeting every new customer, the blue checkmark serves as our welcome mat of sorts. It gives new customers peace of mind to know that we’ve been vetted + meet Pinterest’s quality + transparency. Since the VMP is free to join + makes your brand stand out, there is no reason not to apply. Seriously, run!


How has linking your Shopify and Pinterest accounts helped your business?

I have a super small, but mighty team. I run from production to labeling to social media. There usually are not enough hours in the day to complete my to-do list. Can anyone else relate?

I appreciate the time-saving automations linking Shopify + Pinterest. They are quick + easy, yet robust. I do not have to spend hours each day like I did learning + constantly tweaking + analyzing Facebook ads. Bottom line: Pinterest = more sales. 


What are the benefits of using the Shopping products on Pinterest? (Feed, Shop Tab, Product Pins, etc.) What tips would you share with other merchants looking to use Pinterest?

Get that money, honey. Use automation to your benefit. The Shopping feature really boosts distribution by converting all your product pins into ads in one click. If you use Collections; display your products in action with a mix of lifestyle + flatlay imagery with featured products. Test different creatives + images + pin formats. I get best results when using automated targeting. I pick the audience based on Pin details.


If you could request ANY feature for Pinterest, what would be #1 on your wishlist?

Is a scratch + sniff option too much to ask? I’d love a puff of wicked goodness to emit when someone clicks on one of our Wicked Good pins. 😆

In all seriousness, I'd love the ability to collaborate with more content creators directly on Pinterest platform!


Thanks for sharing your Pinterest journey with us, @wickedgoodco

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