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 WellnStrong, Creator, Small Business

📍 Location: Greenville SC

💬 Description of business: WellnStrong™ is a health and wellness blog founded by Jacqueline Genova. Its mission is to provide trustworthy, research-based and inspirational content regarding how to be truly well and strong – in both body and mind.

📌 Pinterest profile: https://www.pinterest.com/wellnstrong/

👤 Community profile: About wellnstrong | Pinterest Business Community

Hi! Tell us a little bit about yourself and how you started using Pinterest!

I’m a certified holistic nutritionist and wellness writer who is passionate about healing through integrative medicine. I resorted to holistic healing approaches to resolve some of my own health problems, and to help my mom battle cancer. I developed a passion to share what I learned with others, which led to my founding of WellnStrong™. I believe in a holistic approach to wellness that addresses the root causes of illness, and not the suppression of symptoms. I began using Pinterest since WellnStrong’s inception (November 2020). I stayed consistent with posting, and was invited to participate in Pinterest’s Creator Residency Program after having created some successful Idea Pins. I’ve also hosted three Pinterest TV Live shows, and am so incredibly grateful for the incredible growth my account has experienced over the past year and a half! 

What are your goals as a creator and how has Pinterest helped you reach your goals?

My goal is to encourage readers to be advocates of their own health, and to provide encouraging content on how to be well in both body and mind. Pinterest has served as one of my primary social platforms, enabling me to create content across several boards that span all aspects of health - from mental health, to hormone health, to gut health. It’s also provided me the opportunity to connect with other creators, and even connect directly with my audience through the Pinterest TV Live sessions.

Why did you join the PBC? What have you found that’s been valuable about being a member?

I believe that a powerful network is perhaps one of the greatest indicators of one’s ability to grow. I’ve been able to connect with some incredible creators, as well as create lasting friendships within this community. Any time I have a question, I know that there will be someone in the community to help support me.


Tell us about the growth you’ve seen using Pinterest. What are some ways you drive engagement with your audience?

It’s been absolutely incredible! My account currently has about 23K followers. To foster engagement, I try to create content around Pinterest trends or around my content that has performed well, in addition to responding and engaging with all of my comments/replies. 


Talk about your experience joining the Pinterest Creator Residency Program! How did this program help you with your success?

It truly served as one of the most powerful catalysts to my growth! (Special shout out to PinterestKelsey 🙂). I learned helpful tools and tactical steps to take to grow my account, while staying informed of all the wonderful things Pinterest was doing to promote creators.


Why did you decide to become a Pinterest creator? What are some of the benefits you’ve seen using the platform? 

Given that Pinterest is one of my primary social platforms, I wanted the chance to engage with it as much as I could, which is why I chose to become a creator. I also loved the community I was in, and was excited about the prospect of learning how to reach and help even more people with my content. I’ve seen an increase in engagement not only from my followers, but also from brands as I’ve been able to add my Pinterest Creator Resident experience when pitching collaborations!


Tell us about your experience filming your Pinterest TV episodes! How did this experience help you connect with your audience? 

It was SO much fun! I was approached by the Pinterest TV team to first feature one of my “Fall Harvest Bowl” Recipes, followed by a fun coffee face mask :). My favorite part about this was being able to answer questions in real-time with all of the viewers!


What made you decide to apply to go live on Pinterest TV? 

I thought it was a great opportunity to expand my reach even further! Given that Pinterest is one of my primary social platforms, I’m always a fan of supporting its latest endeavors. 


What tips would you share with other creators looking to go live on Pinterest TV? 

Be yourself & have fun with it! I noticed that the episodes in which I was the least nervous performed the best :). It’s a great opportunity to show your audience who you are beyond what you create! 


Talk to us about your experience creating Pins, what have you learned? Do you have a top performing Pin that you can share with the community? 

I learned some very helpful tips on how to create eye-catching Pins, and best practices when creating Idea Pins (game-changers!). One of my top-promoting Pins had to do with a few foods to reduce anxiety - you can find it here!

Another Idea Pin that performed pretty well was a few foods for mental health here.


What’s been your favorite Pinterest product or tool? 

Probably Pinterest TV Live - just because it provides me with the opportunity to truly engage and interact with my followers live!


If you could request ANY feature for Pinterest, what would be #1 on your wishlist? 

A brand collaboration matching service. 


Thanks for sharing your Pinterest journey with us, @wellnstrong

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