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PBC Spotlight: Cris C Arts

Community Manager
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Cris C Arts, Creator

📍 Location: Dixon, CA

💬 Description of business: Content Creator

📌 Pinterest profile: 

👤 Community profile: About criscarts | Pinterest Business Community

*Disclaimer: We recently announced an update to our content creation tooling on Pinterest that combines and simplifies our organic Pin formats. Due to these recent product updates, some articles posted prior to May 2023 may be out of date.

Hi! Tell us a little bit about yourself and how you started using Pinterest!

My name is Cris, I have been an artist for the past 10 years. I originally started with ceramics, but in 2018, I started to transition to watercolors and other 2D media. I started my Pinterest account in 2021, posting Idea Pins of my art process. At first, I didn’t think anything of it, but after seeing how people reacted to my content, I decided to dedicate more time into creating engaging content. 

What are your goals as a creator and how has Pinterest helped you reach your goals?

My goal as a creator is to share my passion for art with my audience. I want to inspire people to create art, regardless of their level of experience. I have engaged in meaningful conversations with some of my followers, and they have shared with me that they feel their art is not worthy. I have to remind them that artistic growth is a process, and to embrace their present artistic skills in order to keep on growing.

Why did you join the PBC? What have you found that’s been valuable about being a member?

I joined the PBC to get inspiration and tips from other members. As someone who is still navigating and developing her brand, I find it useful to get tips from members who have experience. Additionally, members are approachable and willing to share their knowledge without anything in return.

Tell us about the growth you’ve seen using Pinterest. What are some ways you drive engagement with your audience?

The growth I have seen while using Pinterest feels surreal. Sometimes I can’t believe I have a page where my growth is organic and genuine. Seeing that others are interested in my content motivates me to continue creating. I drive engagement by being myself. I create content that I am passionate about. I feel when users see that I am authentic to who I am, they are more willing to engage with my content. I also make sure I reply to comments and messages. Making sure that my audience feels heard is an important step to building a strong sense of community in my page.

Talk to us about your experience using Idea Pins, what have you learned? Do you have a top performing Pin that you can share with the community?

I love creating Idea Pins! With the type of content I create, using video to share my art process is fundamental in order for my audience to see how I create my art. Additionally, when creating art tutorials or tips, my audience appreciates a video or pictures where I show step by step. 

Here is my top performing Pin, where I show how to make a flower using one of my favorite art supplies, Tombow Dual Brush Pens: 

Why did you decide to become a Pinterest creator? What are some of the benefits you’ve seen using the platform? 

After seeing the positive feedback I was receiving from my Idea Pins, I decided to focus my time on Pinterest. The positivity and encouragement I have received from Pinterest is something that I haven’t seen in any other online platform. When I think of Pinterest, I think about the amazing community that I am building and the support I am receiving not only from my audience, but from the Pinterest team as well.

What’s been your favorite Pinterest product or tool? 

My favorite Pinterest tool are the Idea Pins. I love creating video content. With Idea Pins, I feel I am able to conceptualize my ideas better, thus creating high quality content.

What tips would you share with other content creators looking to use Pinterest?

I will say to go for it! It can be intimidating at first, and you might have to learn some new skills, but once you start creating content it will be so much easier! The Pinterest app gives you everything you need to create your content, and it is easy to navigate and use. Believe in yourself and your skills, and just go for it.

If you could request ANY feature for Pinterest, what would be #1 on your wishlist? 

I would love to see captions! This feature is highly needed for inclusivity and more engagement. 


Thanks for sharing your Pinterest journey with us, @Criscarts

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