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PBC Spotlight: Be Bold With Katah

Community Manager
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Kathleen Aharonian, Small Business, Creator

📍 Location: Los Angeles, CA 

💬 Description of business: Embodiment Coaching Services For Women 

📌 Pinterest profile: 

👤 Community profile: About Beboldwithkatah | Pinterest Business Community


Hi! Tell us a little bit about yourself and how you started using Pinterest!

I am Kathleen Aharonian. An embodiment coach for women with a focus on self love and manifestation. I am a dog mom to three rescue babies Buzz Lightyear, Woody and Coco. I love spending time connecting with + playing with my inner child, going to theme parks especially Disneyland/Six Flags, traveling and visiting cute little coffee shops. I have used Pinterest for many years putting myself in beautiful photos and Pins. Very recently I got this download to start using it for my business and it’s been amazing since! I love seeing my work up where so many people can find and benefit from it for years to come!


What are some of your business goals? How has Pinterest helped you reach your goals?

A few of my business goals are reaching and signing on more aligned clients. I have a few different services like 1:1 coaching, my 6 week container “Vibe With Love,” my 4 month program “Bold Behavior,” and I host monthly Full Moon Manifestation Breathwork Circles. My dream is to reach even more women who I know will benefit and forever be changed by this work. Pinterest has been helping me get even more eyes on my work which has always been a goal for me. The more people I reach the more people benefit and feel supported on their journey. 

Why did you join the PBC? What have you found that’s been valuable about being a member? 

I believe community is so important for growth. We can't do all this on our own and having that support is so beneficial and it’s also what my work is all about. I know I’ve been able to accomplish a lot on my own but I’ve gotten there so much quicker with the help of so many other people. Which I am so grateful for. So if anyone is looking for that support as well on another level, come join my community. I’ve loved being able to post my questions up and getting numerous answers and viewpoints from people who are actually in it! You can always take what works for you and leave what doesn’t. I attended the first breakout session that was hosted the other day for the Creator Community and I found it very nice to be able to meet everyone face to face. 


If you could request ANY feature for Pinterest, what would be #1 on your wishlist? 

I’d love to be able to connect with my audience by posting stories like on IG/FB and share real time behind the scenes in my life etc.


Thanks for sharing your Pinterest journey with us, @beboldwithkatah

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