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Re: Meet Cahinez, blogger at Lifestyle of a Foodie

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Photo courtesy of ChahinezPhoto courtesy of Chahinez


Name: Chahinez

Where are you from: Algeria (North Africa), but I live in Las Vegas 

Pinterest profile:

Tell us a bit about yourself and your business!

My name is Chahinez and I am a huge foodie! I love anything online as well as anything baking and cooking so I decided to combine both of my passions and create "Lifestyle of a foodie" almost 2 years ago. I have gained so much knowledge by starting my own food blog, I am now the founder, creator, recipe developer, food stylist, photographer, writer, SEO specialist, social media manager, customer care person and so much more! 

How did you get into food blogging?

During the last semester of college, I felt totally lost. I was about to graduate but had no clue what I wanted to do with my life career-wise. So since I was taking an online marketing course and was somewhat interested in it, I decided to dive into the online business world. I knew I loved food and anything that had to do with it. Being a millennial also automatically attracted me to the online world. So I went for it and created my own recipe/tip sharing website.

When did you start using Pinterest for your business and how did you learn about it?

I have been using Pinterest for the longest time, so I knew I was gonna use Pinterest for my business before I even posted my first article. As soon as I created my blog, I went ahead and got a business Pinterest account because I knew the importance of free traffic from early on. I have focused tremendously on growing my audience and increasing my reach through this social platform and it has been working very well so far. 

We’re curious, do you have a favorite Pinterest feature and if so, what is it and why?

I am obsessed with the analytics part of Pinterest. I am a marketing graduate so to see all those numbers reflect all the hard work that I put in makes me so happy. It also helps me stay accountable in the work that I do. If I slack, I see it in the numbers... A pretty nice reminder to take what I do seriously. 

What’s your favorite thing so far about the Business Community and what would you suggest to make it better? 

My favorite thing about the business community is how everyone tries to help each other. I have seen multiple posts from multiple members that have a ton of helpful information. It is definitely full of good resources for both beginner Pinterest users as well as advanced users.  Something that would make this business community better would be to have certain expert members in certain things share their knowledge. 

What are your cooking inspirations? A family member, a certain chef, etc.

The one person that has inspired me the most in the kitchen would have to be my grandmother! I cooked and baked with her ever since I was a toddler. She would let me add spices to the pot and stir... Oh how much I loved stirring... and tasting all the delicious foods she would make. Now every time I bake or cook anything, I do it as best as I can to try and make her proud. 

What’s one ingredient you can’t live without?

This is such a hard question... But I guess it would be butter! Good quality butter... I'm drooling just from the thought of that. Butter is such a versatile ingredient, it can be used for sweet as well as savory dishes. It brings out a fantastic richness to anything you add it to! 

Gotta favorite board on Pinterest?

I love any food group boards but my favorite is the "Best of Lifestyle of a Foodie", it is a board I created early on to post all the awesome recipes and articles I share on my blog. I absolutely love it because It's the board I was able to grow the most. Being able to see people coming back to it and commenting on my work is so satisfying because I can say that I have helped them find what they needed! 

Anything else you’d like to add?

I just want to say thank you so much for the opportunity to be featured here. Also, if you love food, I bet you will love my blog! Check it out, you might just find yourself baking up a storm in the kitchen!

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I love that your grandma inspired you! It is so wonderful when our older generations pass on their love and knowledge. I had grandmas that inspired me as well. My grandma Elva's cooking was so unique. I loved the flavors in her cooking. She was a school cafeteria worker, but her home cooking was delicious! Nothing like the food I remember at school. I'm sure your grandma is very proud of you!

Community Manager
Community Manager

@TheTinyHouseFarm, totally, my grandma always inspired me with her baking and cooking. It was just pure comfort food and as much as I try, I've never been able to replicate the flavors she brings out. It's something special and truly unique. 

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Hello and nice to meet you.  I consider myself a closet foodie.  Never really delving a 100% in, but loving it on the side line, does that make sense.  My son and I love to try new recipes and I post the pics we took.  I'm looking forward to reading your blog.