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How TinyHouseFarm uses Pinterest to grow their brand

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Name: Laura & Brian


Pinterest page:

Location: Morgan Hill, CA

Tell us a bit about yourself and your business! 

@TheTinyHouseFarm  began in 2015 as a micro family business. It came about after a few crazy brainstorming sessions, throwing around ideas how we could share with others our love of the earth’s beautiful creation, include our artistic creativity, coupled with a desire to bless others in the process. We were looking at it from the perspective of years down the road into retirement, and one important criterion came up: we want to create something that we would love doing into our old age.

So we listed things we love about life which included our small backyard urban farm started years ago. Our family also had a remote rural piece of property with a tiny house (now under renovation) that was built by the family back in the mid-century. Both of these properties - and our collective experiences that grew out of them - birthed the Tiny House Farm business.

The products are ever-changing as we work with available seasonal items, created products, vintage finds, wildcrafted bits and bobs, and botanicals. We tend to focus on items that have sustainable or renewable qualities.  Our wedding toss flower confetti is one of our product lines.

Why dried flower confetti? What inspired you to start a business around this?

Our flower confetti line came about a few years ago after realizing there didn’t seem to be many options for sustainable confetti. There were a few products available, but they were very limited. Venues were disallowing many kinds of confetti because of cleanup issues (especially with paper and metallic confetti); weed issues with birdseed confetti, and the idea that traditional dried rice was no longer acceptable. Sparklers also became prohibited due to fire dangers. And a balloon release is harmful to the environment and illegal in most places. 

That leaves couples with a very narrow range of options as they leave their ceremony and want to create a happy, fun, and celebratory exit that includes everyone (and makes the best photos!). 

We soon realized that dried flower confetti wasn’t just about weddings either. it was about all kinds of celebrations: Bar Mitzvahs, life memorials, anniversaries, corporate events, Quinceaneras, parties…so many possibilities! And for all these other celebrations and events the same restrictions came up.

Botanicals seemed the answer! I love flowers and botanicals. I love planting and growing, wildcrafting, drying, and photographing them. In fact, when I was a young mom, I thought about being a florist. Out of that lifelong love, along with some inspiring images I found on Pinterest over the years, we came up with our dried botanical wedding toss. It seemed to be one of those ideas that was a perfect fit.

When did you start using Pinterest and how did you learn about it? 

I had a friend, who, years ago (when Pinterest started) shared how she found this new site that was full of great crafting ideas and recipes. 

Oh my gosh! It was like falling down a rabbit hole of creativity! There was so much beauty, information, ideas, inspiration, hints, quotes, all in one place, and dominated by amazing photos. The hardest part for me was limiting my time looking and dreaming! I was hooked.

When we started The Tiny House Farm, I knew Pinterest was going to be part of it. 

Do you have a memorable purchase order or story you can share with us? 

So many wonderful stories! It’s hard to share only one. There was one that especially touched our hearts. I think her review was one of the sweetest poignant ones we have received:

I consider myself lucky to have stumbled upon The Tiny House Farm. Recently I found myself in a time crunch looking for wildflower petals to scatter at my best friend’s celebration of life. During a google search, I found their beautiful website and contacted them regarding shipping times. Laura was extremely helpful and as soon as I placed my order the petals arrived beautifully packaged the very next day. Along with the petals was sent a beautiful and sincere handwritten card expressing their condolences along with a beautiful wooden ornament sealed with some of the exact flowers that we would be scattering. Laura went above and beyond to make a difficult day a little brighter. For that, I am forever grateful to Laura and The Tiny House Farm.” (Tracy P.)

How can I put into words how honored we are to play a tiny part in these enormously important moments in life? To know that a little product we make blesses others in significant ways is just huge to us.

Do you have a favorite board on Pinterest or someone that you follow for inspiration? 

I honestly can’t pin down one favorite board or person to single out. I’m more like a bee going from flower to flower, taking from each one the loveliness it has to offer. One of my greatest woes is remembering to save pins so I can find them again. I am getting better at it but still fall short. Every time I search, it’s like a fun treasure hunt! I just have to remember to save the treasure!

Anything else you'd like to add? 

We recently began asking customers how they found us. We especially like to honor any referrals that come from previous customers. Through the process, we discovered that there were many who found us from other people’s Pinterest boards. We do other kinds of advertising, but we think that Pinterest is very similar to our referrals. People discover and share us from their Pinterest boards. We have been delighted to find that out. 

We continue to pursue how we can turn our little family business into something that can be a blessing to others, whether it’s by offering beautiful dried botanicals that are gentle to the earth and help make a celebration meaningful; vintage finds that become a special and unique treasure; or handcrafted goods such as soap or ceramics that are made with care and love, we know that the most obvious place for us to share it is on Pinterest. 

In a time when there are so many other online venues that seem to just focus on negativity, anger, division, and all that is wrong with the world, we appreciate a social media style site that spreads beauty, kindness, help, and laughter. This aligns with our heart’s desire. We look forward to meeting new friends through Pinterest and hope we can bless you at The Tiny House Farm and thank you for the opportunity to share today.