When to contact the Pinterest Support team vs. asking in the PBC

When to contact the Pinterest Support team vs. asking in the PBC

The Pinterest Business Community is a place where members can ask questions and find support from others, provide feedback about Pinterest products and exchange ideas & best practices.

Occasionally, you’ll see Pinterest employees participate and respond to general questions in the community, but please note that we want all our members to use this space to connect with other members looking to find success on Pinterest. Our goal is to have everyone come to the community and be able to find answers to their questions, and make connections along the way. If you need help on finding Pinterest resources and general support on Pinterest products or tools, the PBC team is happy to help!

If you’re looking for answers on an account-specific issue or need in-depth support, such as reporting on bugs/issues, technical questions, or requesting account changes, then we recommend contacting our support team. Be sure to be as specific and detailed in your request and include extras like screenshots, error codes or workarounds you may have tried to help with troubleshooting. Please note that if you currently have submitted a support ticket, we recommend not duplicating your question in the community so our support team can keep track of your inquiry.

Thank you all for your cooperation and for making the PBC a thriving and helpful community! 😃



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