How To Surf The PBC Using Labels 🏷️  

How To Surf The PBC Using Labels 🏷️  



We all know that the PBC has tons of useful information for all pinners. Let's be real; we all want to find what we're looking for fast! Sure, there's always the trusty Search Bar, but how cool would it be if you could find the information you were looking for by clicking on a word to perform a search?
Guess what? You can surf the PBC using LABELS!
Let's surf the PBC using LABELS - below is an easy-to-follow visual to
find what you're looking for fast!

how to surf the PBC using LABELS

In every forum on the PBC, you will find LABELS associated with that topic and more LABELS once you start your search, and they will allow you to search easily and fast without having to use the Search Bar....sorry Search Bar 🔎
If you use LABELS to search, consider using Subscribe to follow a post, article, or topic you want to keep following, or if you haven't found what you're looking for, keep searching by clicking on Show All Topics.

Subscribe + Show All Topics.

👉🏻Try it with Creator Conversations now!
If you are just getting started on the PBC, consider using LABELS and find what you love fast.
Happy Pinning 📌