Community Code of Conduct

Community Code of Conduct

Welcome to the Pinterest Business Community! We’re so glad you’re here. 

This forum is for small businesses and creators to exchange best practices, find support and learn about Pinterest products and services. Our goal is to foster conversation and connection between members and ensure this is a productive, helpful and fun environment for all participants.  

Prior to participating and contributing to this community, we recommend reading through this code of conduct. By using these forums, you agree to follow Pinterest’s Terms of Service and other policies, as well as the following: 

1. Be respectful 

To make sure everyone has a positive experience, always use kind and considerate language when communicating with other community members. Discussing ideas and sharing feedback is welcome, but we do not allow any insults or harassment on community forums or in private messaging. Remember to be helpful, say thank you, and encourage great content. We’re all here to help encourage and support each other, so let’s keep it that way!

2. Keep it constructive

Community forums are designed to help members find tips and solutions they need. When you reply to a specific thread, stick to the thread’s original topic. This makes forums and threads more useful for everyone.  If you want to talk about a different topic, start a new thread to do it.

We encourage you to search for questions similar to your own before submitting a new question or starting a thread since the topic may have already been covered. However, if you do not find the information you need, feel free to submit a post. 

3. Be appropriate 

Hate speech will not be tolerated in the Pinterest Business Community. This includes attacks on people based on race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability or medical condition. You also must not target people based on their age, weight, immigration or veteran status. You must not reveal anyone’s personally identifiable information, and must not request it from any minor. Any content determined to be bullying will be removed. 

Constructive feedback about Pinterest products is welcome. It is acceptable to express frustration or dissatisfaction, but we ask that you keep it amicable and solutions-oriented to avoid creating a negative space.

Your posts should be helpful, constructive, and encouraging when voicing dissent or criticism. Don't harass, target, insult, troll or call out other members or Pinterest representatives.

4. Don’t spam 

The Pinterest Business Community is meant to create real connections, so no spamming is allowed. Any spam or spam-like content will be removed, including: 

  • Unsolicited commercial or advertising messages.
  • Repetitive or duplicate posts, even if it’s across multiple threads
  • Links that redirect to a different domain, external links, or forms.
  • Misleading content.

We will remove posts that are promotional in nature and will flag users who do so. Repeat offenders may be removed from the community.  

5. Don’t spread misinformation

Pinterest is building a positive online space. The community is not a platform for spreading conspiracy theories and misinformation and such posts will be removed. We aim to foster great conversation and provide a space to share relevant information, therefore the community team will remove comments that are potentially harmful. This is a place to learn about Pinterest so we'll remove anything speculative, theories about changes, or anything that could be misleading about how Pinterest works.

Ultimately, community managers and moderators have the final say on whether a post fits within this Code of Conduct.  

6. Keep your private stuff private 

Remember that people in the community, including non-members, can see things you share, so don’t post sensitive information about yourself or others. For example, you shouldn’t share personally identifiable information like email addresses or social security numbers. Make sure you comply with copyright, fair use and intellectual property laws, as well as any other applicable laws. Always cite sources when needed and don’t publish anyone else’s material without their consent. 

Do not use community spaces to discuss interactions with Pinterest representatives, or to share verbatim extracts of such conversations (i.e., emails, DMs or messages, chats etc.). Remember, most messages between you and Pinterest are considered private correspondence and we ask that you respect this confidentiality.

7. Help keep the community safe 

Report issues or any violations of our code of conduct directly to the Community Manager by choosing “Report Inappropriate Content” from the message’s Options menu. It’s all of our jobs to keep our community safe so if you see something, say something.

If you’re new to the community and need some help or have questions about our terms, policies or this code of conduct, please reach out to our community team. 


You may see some community members who have the Pinterest logo next to their username. This means they are Pinterest employees. They may be available to help out when assistance is requested, but please note that the Pinterest Business Community is first and foremost a peer-to-peer community. If you need immediate assistance with your Pinterest account, please submit a ticket to our support team

By using these forums, you agree to follow these rules as well as Pinterest’s Terms of Service and other policies. If you recognize any violation of our Copyright Policy, please follow the process outlined for providing notice.

Keep in mind that Pinterest does not prescreen all information submitted by community members before it’s posted. Pinterest reserves the right to remove or modify User Content, or change the way it’s used in Pinterest, for any reason. This includes User Content that we believe violates our Terms of Service, this code of conduct, or any other policies. Pinterest reserves the right to remove users from the forum at any time for any reason, including, for example, violation of our policies and code of conduct. Community managers may take actions to keep the forum welcoming, organized, and helpful for everyone. Such actions are not up for public discussion.


Hello! Thanks for the information. Can you suggest or write an article on how can I attach my site to the pinterest account directly?


Hey there, @softkeyscom1. Try checking out this thread! There's some step-by-step instructions a fellow community member shared. You can also look at this article, too. 🙂 


Hello, how can I @share my Pinterest account with others so that they can click and find it?






Es ist eine Zeit, dabei ohne Worte um der Selbsstwillen. Was will ich damit? Freude und etwas gut zu tun haben bewegungen erzeugt dessen im Grunde nur der eine Mensch erzeuge. Von wegen die Masse bewege. Darum deine Pin Andreas


Hello @PinterestGabby First thank you for all that you do. I see many people 

1. Asking people to follow them

2. Promoting content that leads back to their website. I have a ton of tips on my blog and I have free courses as well but I never mention them in my posts. 

Aren't these all self-promotion? 

Please clarify. I can also give you some examples via private message. 



thank you for all the info 



very useful, feel blessed here


Thanks for all of this helpful information! Just joined the community and we're trying to soak up all of the information we can! 🙂 xoxo


Thanks for the information. informative post! @PinterestGabby 


@PinterestGabby  Really Helpful As Srilanka Member I Thank You For This


hello .how r u .i m new here and i dont know about this business .i have exactly zero knowledge .

can u help me to start this business.i m posting but i dont know i m going right or wrong



Dear all 

I would like to share and work with all as  A team so kindly feel free to share what you have on ... 


Thank you for this helpful information! Someone mentioned I should claim my account to help boost traffic. What exactly does that mean? Is it something I should do as a content creator trying to be part of the Pinterest creator fund and rewards program?


Hello dear friends,  want to learn how to publish on the rigth way on pinterest, it seems we load many pictures on a comment, sorry for that.


Thanks for the guidelines,,, indeed we shall follow the protocols 


Hi everyone, I want to thank you for the clear code of conduct it really helps us to grow!

Kind Regards


Is there an age limit? I was thinking about telling my niece about this stuff because she loves blogging.


Good Day,

Thanks for the information and I look forward to building new friendships with other community members. 

Mr. CBB 



Hello ,


Please help me whats the issue in my pinterest account why pinterest did the catalogue rejection in my account due to minimum website quality requirements.

everything is perfect on my website

and in my pinterest account as well neulonsofficial

Please help.

I come with so many hopes.

and reply me asap




Thanks for all of this helpful information! Just joined the community and we're trying to soak up all of the information we can! 🙂 xoxo


I think I got a little quick with the posting. I'd enjoyed the initial experience if I had responded to the welcome email. At the same moment, this is self-paced and superbly engaging. 💃Thank you and Kudos to each peer and employee. 


Thanks for your kind information. I have a question can i share my blog post links in articles.


Thank you for your kind information