Best Practices When Creating A Post On The PBC 📌

Best Practices When Creating A Post On The PBC 📌

The Power Of The Post in the PBC (Pinterest Business Community) shouldn’t be taken lightly. It's a great platform for Pinners to share their knowledge and opinions, connect with like-minded individuals, and ask questions and get answers. However, if you want your post to stand out, make an impact or get an answer, then it's important to remember some key best practices when creating your post.




Choose The Best Category To Post Under


Choose The Best Category

Depending on the post you're creating or the question your asking, you can choose to create under one of the three categories listed in the menu at the top - see the visual above.

Creator-Creator Conversations
Advertisers-Business Conversations
Shopping-Shopping Conversations Note - Usually VMP Related

Under each category you click, a drop-down menu will appear, and then you can choose where you want to post or ask your question - For Example, if your post or question relates to Creating, you would choose Creator, then Creator Conversations. Once you have chosen your category, you can click on Start A New Conversation, add your title and type your post or question.  When you're done, click Post - see visuals below.




Choose Start A Conversation




Add Your Subject + Post Or Question


Be Organized & Clear

The first step in creating a great post or asking that burning question on the PBC is ensuring it is organized and clear. This means writing an easy-to-read post or question. Make sure to create a title that summarizes what your post or question is about; this will help grab readers' attention when they are scrolling through the list of posts and questions.

Engage Other PBC Members

Engage with other PBC Members! Once your post goes live on the PBC, keep track of any comments or questions left by community members How to subscribe, save and bookmark your favorite PBC articles 📌 and take the time to answer them. Responding lets, other members know you're actively engaged with the community, which helps build relationships while increasing visibility in the PBC.

Final Thoughts...

Creating a successful post on the PBC requires following certain best practices, but it also helps ensure that it stands out and, leaves an impact on readers + gets your questions answered quickly. Remember to keep things organized, include helpful information, and engage with fellow PBC Members who comment on or ask questions about your post; these steps will up your Pinterest Game + PBC Cred! Understanding how to create a great post here on the PBC will help maximize your potential for collaboration and networking in true Pinterest Business Community Style.


Happy Pinning 📌


Awesome tips, @bodymindmood !!!



You are very welcome, Lady.



Hi Lisa-

I will try not to bother you anymore. I will read the other posts you created about pinning, but not tonight. I am still in my pajamas after viewing the one you sent on the 29th, and watched it two and a half times, then tried out pins and deleting them, knowing they were awful, and deleting boards I had created when I started a couple of weeks ago. I've gotten 569 impressions, but that means nothing. I can't post many pins, because the images are always the wrong size. So, now I have to try Canva. My books have been on amazon for 2+ years and I've sold only a total of about 150. My reviews are amazing though. I am going to see whether anyone in my building or even my neighborhood can help me make the actual boards and pins, now that you've given me the basics. For today, I am totally done. Again, you are amazing.

Thank you.

Bonnie Lieberman


So helpful! Thank you @bodymindmood ! So far all of you have explained things in a way that is easy to understand. I was a nervous wreck coming in to learn as a creator and small business owner but you've eased that anxiety so much and it is greatly appreciated. 



So, I'm on my way to becoming a "Pininterester", but my pins are not very attractive, and it takes me at least an hour and a half to create one. It is complicated for me to properly fit the pin in the box. I haven't enticed even one person to buy my books. You are a creative woman and give generously with your time to help others.

Thanks so much!




Hi, so glad you're here on the PBC!

I read your post, and thank you for such kind words - it makes me feel that what I do here matters.

I'm really glad you have overcome your fear and taken the plunge. I have been on Pinterest a long time and other social media; as much as I don't want to admit it, I still feel like a nervous wreck sometimes. I think it's just part of creating social media.

Just know that here in the PBC, you're free from criticism and are important and appreciated. 

If you ever need anything, please reach out, and I would be happy to help you. I hope you will keep coming back to the PBC - I have followed you on Pinterest. I can't wait to see what you create.




Hi Bonnie 👋

I read your post - you are in luck because I love to read, and I would be happy to support you on your journey. I believe, as you know, in staying fit, eating well @HiltonHillFarms, and, most important, taking care of my mind. I read a lot (2 books a week and not on an iPad), so I am excited to learn more. I taught my daughter to read well before she started school; by the time she got to 1st grade, she was reading at a grade 4 level - I firmly believe in phonics.

I have given you a follow, and I love some of your pins.



Well, thanks, Lisa. What kind  of books do you read? I like holding a book in my hand. Sometimes, if I see quote I like, I write it down  and go back to it from time to time.

My son too, showed n early interest in reading and writing. At two he was reading simple sentences, a combination of high frequency words and those to be sounded out.  At He also was doing critical reading in first grade, and he won the school spelling bee in Grade 4- competing with 8th graders, He is an adult  now and a voracious reader, but more importantly he is kind.

Anyway, I got a note from the Business Community that said part of my post was not appropriate and they edited it. Might you know what it is so I can avoid making making the same mistakes.

You are an amazing person.


Great tips especially being organized, responding, and communicating in a timely fashion. 

Mr. CBB 



Glad you liked the tips. Lisa