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PBC: How you can get involved 🤝

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PBC: How you can get involved 🤝

Welcome to the community!

If you’re looking for ways to get involved in the community, we got you covered. We’ve compiled a list of PBC offerings where you can participate and engage with other community members. We have a ton of resources, best practices, community events, and so much more to offer to help you become a successful community member looking to grow their brand or business on Pinterest.


👋 Meet the Pinterest Business Community

Welcome board - We recommend starting here. Say hello and introduce yourself to other community members. Feel free to share your goals on Pinterest while you’re there!

Attend community events - Get involved with Pinterest Community Events and connect with other businesses and creators using Pinterest. Whether you’re just getting started or a Pinterest expert, our events are meant for everyone! Be sure to join a virtual chapter to stay up-to-date on our events. Have a question on our events? Create a conversation on our Events forum here.

Community announcements - This is where we’ll share the latest & greatest in the community. You can keep up with all of the general community updates all in one place.


💡 Get Inspired

Member Spotlight - Learn about how other community members found success using Pinterest to grow their brand or business through our member success stories. Have a success story you want to share with the community? Fill out our form here for a chance to have your story featured.

Become a Pinterest Pioneer - The Pinterest Pioneer Program is our community ambassador program that aims to spotlight the contributions of our most engaged members. The Pioneers drive discussions, share Pinterest knowledge, and author helpful content in our Pinterest Pioneer Blog. If you are interested in becoming a Pioneer, check out our FAQ article to learn more and apply here!

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