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Creating your username for Pinterest + The PBC

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Creating your username for Pinterest + The PBC

When it comes to getting 'remembered' on Pinterest, PBC, and other social media sites, the best way to do this is to create a username that creates a strong, memorable, presence online. In the PBC I often come across community members who have usernames that are difficult to remember, spell, and pronounce. Alternatively, I have come across users who don't create a Profile Link to their Pinterest Business Page and use a random username when creating an account here in the PBC, making it more difficult to find who they are and what they do - if you want to connect online and more specifically in the PBC then connecting your Pinterest Business Page with your PBC profile is the way to go.

Below, are some tips and best practices when it comes to choosing a username that helps to create a lasting impression here in the PBC and online - If you're looking to connect with other community members and get people buzzing about you here in the PBC and online then READ ON!


Username Availability On Pinterest + Social Media Platforms

When deciding on a username for your brand, business, and handle on social media the number one thing to check is if the username is available. If your one-of-a-kind username is already taken, create different variations of the username until you find one that is available on all platforms especially Pinterest and the PBC.

Make Your Username As Consistent As Your Content 

We have all been told to keep our content creation and posting as consistent as possible, especially on Pinterest.  Start applying that same mindset to your username. I am certain there isn't anything more frustrating than finding a brand or business that you love and want to follow only to learn that you can find them on one platform but not on another.  Frequently, this is because their usernames are different across platforms. Having the same username across different platforms really gives your brand and business a lot of Cred in the online world more to the point here in the PBC, and it improves communication with potential customers and businesses.

Get Creative With Your Username Stop Using #@!!!567?_%#

Choose a username that is consistent with your brand and business. When I think of all the usernames I have seen in my time online there is nothing that turns me off more than seeing a username with characters, underscores, question marks, and number signs. The easiest way to achieve consistency is by dumping all of the characters for a roll-off-the-tongue username that will encourage people to want to learn more about you and your business.

Keep Your Username Short + Simple
- did you find that difficult to read? If you did then you now understand why it is so important to keep your username short and simple. When deciding on a username consider the length and simplicity of the username you want to use.  You always want a username that falls in line with your brand and your business but sometimes you need to get creative, keep it simple, and to the point. Choose a username that isn't long or difficult to spell, if a potential customer or business wants to learn more about you and what you do then make it easy for them to find you with a username that is short and simple to remember.

Final Thoughts 

Create a username that is as unique as your brand, business, and you! 

Happy Pinning📌


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Log in to your Pinterest account. Click the directional chevron down icon at the top-right corner of your screen. Click Settings. Click Public profile at the left of the screen. Scroll down to Username and enter your new username. 
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Great advice Lisa! @bodymindmood 


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