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Community Welcome Guide

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Community Welcome Guide

Whether you’re a new community member or a community expert – we’re happy to have you here! 

The Pinterest Business Community (PBC) is a forum for like-minded individuals who are looking to exchange best practices, find peer-to-peer support, and learn more about Pinterest products and tools. Our community mission is to foster conversation and connection between members and ensure this is a productive, helpful and fun environment for all participants. 

Why should I join the community?

We want you to make the most of your experience using Pinterest. Whether you’re a business owner or creator, we want you to use this space to connect with other users looking to find success on Pinterest. With the resources and peer-to-peer support you’ll find here, you can get inspiration from others and find best practices to help you with your journey on Pinterest. Have a question about Pinterest products or services? Want to share your knowledge and expertise with others? Then the Pinterest Business Community is meant for you!

I’m new to the community, where do I start?

The best place to start is reading through our Getting Started articles. While you’re there, be sure to check out our Community Code of Conduct prior to participating in the community. Lastly, make sure to say hello and introduce yourself on our Welcome board

There are also plenty of ways to get involved in the community. You can learn the different ways to get involved by reading through our article here.

What are the different dropdown menus on the top navigation bar?


Depending on what type of resources you’re looking for, we have specific forums, resources, and content based on our business audiences. As of now, the PBC supports:

Creators - Calling all Pinterest creators! This is the place to connect with other creators and exchange best practices.

Advertisers - Want to get support from other businesses and share tips on how to be successful in advertising on Pinterest? This is the space to share. 

Merchants - Share your tips on catalogs and learn about all the new shopping features in the Shopping community.

Developers - If you’re looking to discuss Pinterest API and to chat with other developers, this is the place for you!

Pinterest Business Partners - Want to learn more about our approved Pinterest Business Partners and their expertise? Check out the resources and partners we work with to help you succeed on Pinterest.

We also have dedicated pages for the different programs we offer, such as our Events and our Spotlight pages.

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