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How to post a topic or respond to a thread

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How to post a topic or respond to a thread


To post a question in the community, navigate to the forum where you want to post your question and then click the “Create a conversation” button.



Subject: This is where you'll create a title for your new topic. Using a title that reflects the information you are looking for is important to receive timely and accurate responses. i.e. “How do I update my payment settings?”

Select Location: You'll want to choose the board that most closely aligns with your topic. For example; if you want to share something you learned recently that gave you a boost in traffic to your site, head over to the Lounge and jump in the Creator chat. 

Select a label: Labels are used in the community to help categorize posts from different authors. Once you’ve selected a board, you’ll be able to choose an appropriate label that corresponds with your topic. You can also add your own label if you feel it better reflects your post.  

Note: You must select or add a label in order to post.

The message editor allows you to format your post with standard text editor tools. You can also preview your post by selecting the ‘Preview’ button to get a sneak peek of how your post will look when it’s live.

If you’d like to add a screenshot to your post, you can simply drag and drop or browse for a file on your computer.  

If everything looks good, go ahead and hit ‘Post’.

To participate effectively and for community members to be able to assist you, it’s always good practice to include any of the following in your post:

  • Screenshots of error messages
  • Steps you’ve taken to troubleshoot or reproduce the issue

Need to make an edit to your post? Select the three dots on the right-hand side of the post and hover to ‘Edit Message’ where you can make any necessary changes.

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Hallo ich bin Carmen Angelone von 

Ich produziere alles was man stricken kann mit meinen eigenen Entwürfen und Ideen. 

Vom Hundepullover über Mützen bis zu Socken für warme Füße oder Allzwecktücher für ein sauberes Zuhause. 



Hello @PinterestGabby

I cannot post my conversations the problem lies with choosing a location . There is no option for choosing, there are no boads in my board selector. Thereby I'm not allowed to post. When I try to go to lounges in either business chat or creator chat the create a conversation buttons are switched off. I have tried sending private messages but I have not yet been given help.Screenshot (6).pngScreenshot (7).png


Hi there,

I have a website And I have some confusion so please clear my confusion 

is it free to post my images on Pinterest?

i've tried to post this message directly but failed as the Select Board option is not working in new conversation, so please help if you can.

Thank you


Hi I have created a website in December and now I want to create a Pinterest account and show my pins but I am confused about how to create these pin images, can you help me out

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