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What people on Pinterest are searching for this week (w.o 11/17)

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Hey PBC,

We're back with this week's Pinterest trends and this week we’ve collected insights around the theme: Gifting Season. Pinterest searches are up for all-things gifting, from festive wrappings to cozy gift inspiration for all ages 🎁. Check out a special highlight on holiday party wear too in our report below! 👇

Have you searched for any of these trends? Share with us in the comments! 

Key trends

  • 160% increase in "christmas stockings"

  • 155% increase in "pink stanley cup"

  • 145% increase in "wrapping paper"

  • 130% increase in "christmas pajamas" among Gen Y

  • 45% increase in "green velvet dress"

  • 30% increase in "lego sets"

➡️➡️ To see the full trends report, click here! ⬅️⬅️

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Pinterest Pioneer
Pinterest Pioneer

Thank you @PinterestJoan !  Time to get the ugly sweater out!

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Pinterest Pioneer
Pinterest Pioneer


I knew I would see more Christmas searches coming up  - Love the Lego Sets I do the architecture lego its my favorite.

Thanks as always for sharing.


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Pinterest Pioneer
Pinterest Pioneer

I really adore this information - thanks for sharing it! @PinterestJoan 

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