Tailwind Tribe : Not Sure How Much Safe to Use , After 2 days of using Website Blocked

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I am not sure how safe all these feature of Tailwind or may be due to some other reason , but everytime i try new feature from Tailwind , my website gets blocked.

It is very weird that every after 2nd week and on Friday , Pinterest blocking my website. Here is the dates for your reference:

1st on 10th January - Friday

2nd on 17th January - Friday

3rd on 24th January - Friday

4th on 14th February - Friday

I am not a heavy user of Pinterest , i only publish Pins whenever i publish new post and it is like 2-3 per week may be.

But on when i turned on 2-3 Smartloop for different category of board and started publishing 20 pins per week . My website got blocked .

Now i stopped using Smartloop , as i feel it is not safe repining old pins.

But i started using Tailwind tribe , i feel it is great feature but again after using 2 day , now website got blocked . For Tailwind tribe I have to increase pins per day as i have to share others people pin so that i can share mine.

So not sure , if heavy using account is cause block or something else.

Anyone have any idea what could be wrong?





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I don't think it is the tribes which got your website blocked. I use Tailwind for scheduling my pins and also I have joined some great tribes they works well. Maybe the tribe you joined wasn't much safe or something went wrong. I advise you to email support team, they will help you to fix problem.

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How do you know your website is blocked? I use Tailwind Tribes and Tailwind extensively and have a never had my website blocked. From my understanding, Pinterest can tell when actions on your account are more bot like or are different.  It needs to have a base of what you do, then anytime you make changes it will take a little bit to recalibrate it.  However, consistency is the key.  Hope this helps some 🙂

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I also feel  tribe should be safe as it is sharing other people pin . Yes i have already raised ticket to support time on Friday . Today is 4th Day still no reply from them.

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Thanks for your suggestion, only thing i did is increased number of pins i share in my account as i started using tribes and so share other people content .

I have raised support ticket with pinterest support to check why this is happening eveytime , if you see 3 times already happened , this is 4th time .

Everytime this happens i really get mild heart attack not sure what will happen next. It is very scary.

I hope i will be able to get it unblock again.


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