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Starting an E-commerce Site. Tips and suggestions?

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Hey Everyone, 

I am thinking to start an E-commerce & want to use Pinterest as my main Advertising(paid & No-Paid). Does anyone have any tips? 

This is an open discussion. So feel free to add any tip of tips for selling on Pinterest.

Thanks Everyone

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 I think finding that happy medium is the goal. My company also sells a floor cleaner called Real Clean Floors haha so for that I would push towards that. But we appreciate good & creative design. So we would want people to see that. And know that about our company. I guess it comes down to what message are you presenting for your business.

Thanks for the feedback!

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Hi! I'm working on this print on demand thing for 3 months, and did not sell anything yet.I think Pinterest is a good help for advertise. The thing is we must "study" a lot to enter into this "business",not spending money and do it alone. Sometimes i feel sad but i and not give up.There are a "world" of things to do and discover.I call myself a creator, because i don't want  just to sell t-shirts, i want to sell things with my creations on it , draws, photos, whatever! Good luck everybody!

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