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Solution of the Week (w.o 3/18)

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Community Manager
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Hi PBC, we're back with another solution of the week! As always, thank you all for continuing to share your answers, tips, and feedback in the forums. 

This week, we’re highlighting a thread in the creator chat about Idea Pins posted by @ArtsyCraftery. This conversation resulted in good dialogue around available features and updates. Thank you to all who contributed to the conversation and shoutout to our Pioneers @ideachicretail@alisammeredith, and @simplepinmedia for jumping in to share your knowledge! 


 >> Click here to view the Solution of the Week   << 


The PBC forums are filled with valuable information and we want to help amplify answers and responses that are especially helpful. We also want to recognize members who are sharing their knowledge and expertise in the community! 


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Loves to help

I'm happy that I provided good dialogue in our PBC. Thanks!

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Pinterest Pioneer
Pinterest Pioneer

Nice! Team work makes the dream work! 


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Pinterest Pioneer
Pinterest Pioneer



I am so glad you shared 🙏🏻

@simplepinmedia Love what you wrote that is so true.


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