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Save the date: Pinterest Holiday Webinar 🗓️

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Hi PBC, we have an exciting webinar coming up soon!

We’ll be hosting a 30-minute webinar on Wednesday June 7th @ 11am EST where we’ll go over best practices on how to get the most out of Pinterest this holiday season. Join us to discover how people come to Pinterest to plan their holidays, while also learning how to reach holiday shoppers all season long with the different campaign strategies and ad formats. 

RSVP using the link below and be sure to add it in your calendar! Let us know in the comments if you plan on attending 👇.


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Thank you for sharing the details about the upcoming webinar! It sounds like an exciting opportunity to learn about maximizing the potential of Pinterest during the holiday season. I'm sure many people are eager to discover the best practices and strategies for reaching holiday shoppers effectively.

I've marked my calendar for Wednesday, June 7th at 11 am EST, and I'll definitely be attending the webinar. I'm looking forward to gaining insights on how people use Pinterest for holiday planning and exploring the various campaign strategies and ad formats that can help businesses thrive throughout the season.

Thank you for organizing this informative session! See you at the webinar!

Best regards,

Hamza Ali

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