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Running a Promoted Pin Campaign?

Pinterest Pioneer
Pinterest Pioneer

Hey all!

I would love to hear if any of you are running any promoted pin campaigns this Q4? 

There are many people who are considering running a campaign, but maybe don't know where to start so let's discuss some campaigns to spark some ideas!

If you are currently or have recently run a campaign, tell us about it!

Here are some prompts to get it rolling...

1. What is your campaign objective? (Brand awareness, Traffic to website, Conversions - sales or signups?)

2. Is this your first campaign you've run on Pinterest?

3. What metrics (KPI's) are you looking at for success? (e.g. CPC, CPA, CTR, ROAS)

4. What kind of targeting are you doing? (keyword/interest, demographic, custom audiences)

5. How long did your campaign run or planning to run?

6. Anything else you'd like to share?  Learnings or successes with this campaign?  What would you do different next time? 

Looking forward to hearing your responses!

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Pinterest Pioneer
Pinterest Pioneer


Love this post!

I was an early adopter of ads on Pinterest (circa 2013-2014) but I didn't really appreciate it until 2022. I have run a number of campaigns and I now use campaigns to repurpose my content instead of reposting, its easier and more cost effective.

I generally do campaigns that are recommended by Pinterest re audience et al., and I usually run my campaign for 10 to 20 days depending on the reach I get within the first 10 days. Budget also dictates how long I run the campaign for and if I add an extra 10 days I may switch the KPI to make the campaign well rounded.

I don't try to outsmart the campaign, I do take Pinterests advice on demographics, targets ++, and I generally do my campaigns quick .... I hit the Promote Button.

Using Ads to repurpose content for me is the best.




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