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Hello PBC!  I have a client who sells products but also has a blog.  I would like to make her product pins "buyable."  Is it better to have product pins rather than article pins?  Will this affect pins that are directed to her blog from Pinterest?  Thank you for any help!  😀

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Thank you Bety much for the información


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Hi @LVSPinterestManagement, this is a great question!

I find that having a mix of different pin formats if beneficial.  After a few months, I like to look at the pin analytics to see which type get the most reach and/or engagement.  Then you'll be able to see what format performs best for your clients audience.  

Here is a mix of pin types you can test out:

1. A static-image pin with text overlay to a blog post

2. A video pin to a blog post

3. A pin linked to a blog post tagged with a few of relevant products (i.e. collection pin)

4. A pin linking to a product sales page (product pin) Option 1 is to not tag the product on the pin and Option 2 is to tag the product on the pin

5. Optional - upload a catalog data feed for her products to show up organically in shopping searches or to be used for shopping campaigns

If she has her Pinterest tags set up properly (page visit, add to cart, & checkout), you'll be able to see which pins are attributed to those conversions.

Alternatively, if you use UTM parameters in the destination URL, you can track them in google analytics too.

@healthyambitionsteam  @JaneDoeFashionContent , we’re playing “tag” in order to hear from more members! Feel free to jump in and share your thoughts on pin formats you have found worked for you!


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Thank you!

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