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I hope you guys are doing well. I wanted to ask how can I get a Save Button on my website that is related to skateboards guides? I saw the save button on my website but not sure how to get that? Is there any plugin or any other way to do that?

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I use the JQuery plug-in on Wordpress. There are several options, though! 

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@skateboardsguidesif you don’t have Wordpress go to the help articles on your website hosts help center and search “Pinterest sharing buttons” or something to that effect. You can also do that on Google to see what options you have. I know for Squarespace you can’t have extra plugins but they have a setting for it. 

I personally use SocialWarfare for my Wordpress sites.

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For Shopify, I use an app called "Pinterest Pin It Button", which is very simple and user-friendly and works great. 

Hope this helps.

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