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Pinterest outbound clicks are bigger than reported page views on GA4

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I noticed a weird thing: my GA4 and Pinterest Analytics do not match. I think I installed the GA4 correctly. The thing is, I do not have any other traffic sources than organic search and Pinterest. My Instagram account has so little activity I doubt that translates to many clicks.

The thing is, my GA4 is showing around 30 page views a day. On Google search console, I can see I get about 20 clicks a day to my site. But my Pinterest account is doing quite OK and Pinterest analytics show me I get about 100 clicks a day. 

So why does GA4 say I get so few page views? With the Google search console data + interest data, I should get about 120 page views, yet it is showing around 30.

I would appreciate any insight as to what is going on!

Have a nice day,


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Hi @stretchandfolds, welcome to the PBC!

For better results within 3rd party software programs, I would recommend the usage of third party tracking measures such as UTM parameters and dynamic tracking parameters. Third-party tracking can help you track your Pinterest activity and ads performance via other platforms. For example, you can track Pin clicks with third-party URLs, like Google DoubleClick Campaign Manager (DCM) or Kenshoo, to verify campaign delivery and gather reporting data.

Bear in mind that due to the variations in the methods and technologies used by 3rd parties, we can only support and troubleshoot the metrics on our platform. I would recommend making sure your links are correct and that the landing page is available when the link is clicked. We also recommend you to reach out to the 3rd party to understand what influences this metric on their side.

More about third party tracking can be found on the following Help Center article

Let me know if I can help you any further! 

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