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Pinterest Creators that utilize AMAZON Affiliate links - Help??

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Hi there!

Amazon Affiliate support is telling me that I CAN create pins in Pinterest that link to my Amazon account but to stay within guidelines, I have to attach the NO PIN -- to stay within their guidelines.

Can someone please tell me how this is done if you are creating pins directly in Pinterest??

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Hello @ltsmissnicole 

Welcome to PBC!

This is referred to as 'tagging' with your Idea Pins. Learn about tagging here

Please 'accept as solution' if this answers your question.



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Hey  miss Nicole,

I am also an affiliate member of Amazon. I am doing here under: I make a post on canvas. Then upload it on my Pinterest profile.

2. when I am posting on my Pinterest profile I go to the Amazon site and get the link of the product which I want to promote.

3 I paste that link on the 3rd box and press the publish button and it goes well. see below that box here paste your link.Screenshot 2022-07-13 000450.png hope this will help I am a new member I Appreciate  Guidance from PBC If I am wrong.


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Thanks Anna. That was helpful.

I'm really trying to get down to the bottom of this:

Can an Amazon affiliate/influencer either "tag a product" or add an affiliate link to a pin and be compliant with Amazon's stated guidelines?

Pinterest seems like the absolute best place to market -- but Amazon itself is giving me confusing information. And getting my account shut down is the LAST thing I need to happen. 

If anyone has any experience here??? -- I would love it if you'd share 🙂


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