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Hello Everyone,

Has anyone come across an issue with Pinterest Ad Analytics where every category is listed as 0, including the amount spent? Pinterest shows that we ran ads but provides no information about how much money was spent or the results. This issue stretches all the way back to the start of September.

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I read your post and as a user of Ads I have to say no I have never experienced this.

I am going to ask although it sounds like you have but have you updated Pinterest lately? Sometimes, updating, clearing the cache can improve functionality both on desktop and mobile.

If you have tried updating and your still seeing the same results I would suggest filing a ticket with Pinterest Support they would be better able to assist you with this.

I hope this helps.


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@colhousedesigns I’m wondering if it is your filters. Go in to dates and choose all year, then go to objective and choose all campaign types, then go into the filter for campaign, ad groups, ads and choose all on those. So you will then see all campaigns, all year, even the ones on paused, completed and archived as well as active. 

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